Check Out French Montana’s New Hidden Hills Compound

Karim Kharbouch, popularly known as French Montana, has been entertaining fans with his rap music, and it has been a lucrative career that has seen him accumulate massive wealth. Among the many assets that contribute to his net worth is his real estate, and he has recently added a property in Hidden Hills. It has cost him $8.4 million, but that is pocket change for a man who is reportedly worth $16 million. Check out French Montana’s new Hidden Hills compound, and you will find out what might have lured him to the property.

It Belonged to Paul George

Paul George and his wife, Daniela Rajic, put the house up for sale, and it carried a hefty price tag of $9.5 million. The couple had bought it for $7.4 million and looked to make nearly two million in profit when they put it up on the market after owning it for four years. Still, you would expect that the lovebirds would use updated images to lure prospective buyers, but when they marketed it, they used the same pictures used when they bought it. The home was built in 1989. It measures 15,973 square feet and sits on a 1.35-acre property, but according to the article, it may appear smaller from certain angles. It has been described as a suburban guise of worship if viewed from the street. It features nine bathrooms and seven bedrooms, with the master en-suite having his and hers walk-in closets. The bathroom has a lounge space but what makes it making even more luxurious is the private “sunning” patio that overlooks the backyard area and granite countertops.

Architectural Digest lists the other amenities are a kid’s playground and a basketball court with two basketball hoops, which explains why the property had lured Georges. Also, given the owners’ high flying celebrity lifestyle, the outdoor kitchen, large patio, and pool serve as significant assets to people who like entertaining guests. Entertainment is well catered for by the movie theater and a wine cellar to keep the drinks coming during parties. Even parties held outside will not be boring, not with the custom BBQ center, TV center, and a full-size sports court. Montana will not have to pay for a gym membership subscription when his house has a gym fully- equipped even with a shower. If he is looking to expand his knowledge, the wood-paneled study offers enough room to stock all the books he can lay his hands on; or even hold some meetings with clients.

The appreciation for natural lighting is evidenced by the floor-ceiling windows, while the motorized skylight still allows natural light to flood the space. The open-plan great room that measures over 4,000 square feet comprises a bar area, dining area, and sitting areas, including one that features a stone fireplace for those nights Montana wants to feel cozy. He will be dining like a king thanks to meals prepared in the kitchen fitted with high-end stainless steel appliances with breakfast being made comfortable by the U-shaped kitchen island with six-horse legged bar stools and marble countertop. Some of the appliances you will find in the kitchen include a freezer, freestanding range, double oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, pantry, and disposal, among others. Of course, since celebrities hate the prying eyes of the paparazzi, the property has guaranteed privacy from the large sycamore and palm trees surrounding it.

It Was Once in the Market for Over a Decade

While it has taken only a few months for George to find a buyer for the Hidden Hills house, not everyone has been this lucky in landing a serious buyer. He may not have made the 2 million profit he wanted since Montana shelled out $.8.4 million for the home, but George should count his stars that the house did not repeat its history of staying too long in the market. According to Dirt, before George took the property off the market in 2016, it had been for sale since 2006. However, it is not the only celebrity home that has taken too long to find a buyer. Michael Jordan still awaits someone to take his home that spans over 56,000 square feet off the market, and now that 2020 is almost over, he will have to keep hoping for the best. The former basketball player listed his home for $29 million back in 2012, and given the steep price, no one was willing to make it their new home. Therefore, it ended up on auction with a minimum bidding amount of $13 million, but no one wanted it. It went on the market again for $16 million without landing a buyer, and the price had to drop to $.14.9 million.

Why Do Some Celebrity Homes Take Long in the Market?

Too Expensive – As the average American citizen, you probably have dreamt of owning a celebrity home, yet you wonder why no one wants them when they are up on the market. Could there be something wrong with these properties, or is there something more than meets the eye? Republic Word explains that in the case of the Jordan property, even at the current asking price of $14.9 million, the amount is still 20 times more than what the average listing price of properties on Highland Park go for, making it among the top five most expensive homes in Chicago.

Too Big – It has also been described as too big; who would need 19 bathrooms, nine bedrooms, a three-bedroom guesthouse, and three multicar garages? Of course, even celebrities do not have such large families, so maybe, in the long run, it might be turned into a high-end resort. Moreover, the location of the property chases potential buyers away. All the same, in the case of Montana’s new home, it is not clear why it took ten years to get a buyer the first time around, then less than six months when it went on the market again.

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