20 Outdoor Kitchens Perfect For the Summer

It’s that time of yea again. Everyone is ready to spend time out of doors enjoying their backyard, their swimming pools, Gazebos, Barbeques and kitchens. It’s time to get your backyard ready to spend some quality time cooking, relaxing with family and friends and entertaining. What better way of enjoying your backyard then to put in a beautiful kitchen area that you can cook the way you would inside, but while enjoying the beauty of your yard, and the outdoors. You can design and construct a beautiful, full-functioning kitchen outside where you can spend those warm summer nights dining and entertaining instead of indoors. How do you create a beautiful outdoor kitchen? There are steps you can take to create your perfect outdoor kitchen for your home.

Things to consider before you begin to build

First of all, think of your outdoor kitchen as just an extension of your indoor kitchen. You want it to have all the function of the indoor one, just that it’s outside. Before you begin the project, you will want to figure out exactly what you want the outdoor kitchen to be for you. How functional do you want or need it, which means that you’ll need to determine what products and appliances you’ll want the kitchen to have. If you know what purpose you want your outdoor kitchen to serve, it will be easier planning it.

Find the perfect spot

Like anything construction, planning is the first step. You want to make sure your outdoor kitchen is going to be everything you want it to be, so planning where it will be constructed will be the first step. Of course you want it to be convenient to the house. Most people build their outdoor kitchen in a place that gives you the convenience to get to and from the indoor kitchen, easily and conveniently without too far to walk. There also needs to be enough room for everything you want it to have for the optimum function. Space is an important factor for determining how big or small you’ll design and build your outdoor kitchen.

Choosing appliances 

One thing you need to consider, before shopping for your outdoor kitchen equipment is that everything should be outdoor grade. It is important you purchase appliances that are able to withstand the elements. Covers for certain pieces of equipment will help to protect them, such as a grill or table. If you only plan to entertain occasionally, smaller scaled appliances may be sufficient to meet your cooking needs. Many people opt to put stainless steel appliances in an outdoor kitchen which not only give the kitchen a classy look, but they are durable and go with any décor.

Make your outdoor kitchen stand out

Want to make your outdoor kitchen really stand out? Install unique looking ceiling fans to keep you cool in the summer heat and an outdoor heater for the chilly nights. Make sure to have plenty of lighting for good visual when natural lighting is low. Adjustable lighting is a nice touch for a nicer ambiance. Add some cool appliances that give you lots of choices for cooking: Built-in outdoor wine cooler, built-in griddle, pizza oven, and a beverage center. Be sure to include plenty of storage and counter space to keep your kitchen as functional as you want it to be.

Here are 20 outdoor kitchens, perfect for the summer.

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