20 Awesome Bedroom Designs with Painted Ceilings

Have you ever laid in bed at night and stared up at the ceiling and thought, “I wonder what the ceiling would look like if I painted it?” Actually, painting the ceiling in your bedroom can be a great way to “warm and cozy” up the room that is most often associated with feeling “warm and cozy.” Or, you can choose a color that takes your bedroom to another level of bright and cheery.

Painted ceilings can have such a wide variety of impacts on a room, that it really all is up to the color scheme you pick for your room, and the choice of color you pick for your ceiling. So how do you go about choosing the right color for your ceiling. Can you really put any color up there, or are there rules that apply to painting ceilings? If you are unsure of how to go about painting your bedroom ceiling, then keep reading to get a few ideas to keep in mind as you choose the perfect color for your bedroom ceiling.

1. Determine your ultimate goal

Before you start doing any painting with any color, first determine the ultimate goal and what look you are trying to achieve. Do you have a décor theme already in the making, or are you starting from scratch with a design theme? For instance, are you going for a certain look and feel, or is it a particular style, such as country chic, modern, elegant, romantic, or some other theme? Design themes often have colors that work better with that specific theme, as opposed to others.

2. Take into account the shape, design and size of your room

Everything about the way your room is designed can play a role in the color choices you can work with. The way the room is designed, for instance, is your room big or small? Does it have beams or have vaulted ceilings, or maybe a tray ceiling, etc.? You may want to use the design, shape and size as a way to guide your color choices in that some rooms can handle having the wall color run the gamut of the room and flow on up to the ceiling, while others may not handle the same amount of color throughout the room.

3. Dark colors can work, but be careful of shrinking the size of the room

If you have a small bedroom that already seems to be a bit tight, a dark color may make the room shrink even further by visually lowering the ceiling closer to the floor. On the other hand, if you have a large bedroom and want to cozy it up a bit, a dark color can help to bring the visual square footage of the room in closer to give it a warmer and cozier feel.

4. Choose a design for your ceiling

If you really want to get creative, painting a mural or picturesque scene, such as a starlit night scene, on your bedroom ceiling can really give your room a unique look. These types of scene-paintings are especially popular for kids’ bedrooms, and they can help spark their imagination. Why not let your child lie in bed and dream about the stars and outer space as they drift off to sleep?

If you need more ideas for your bedroom, take a look at the following 20 awesome bedroom designs with painted ceilings to help inspire the right look and color for your bedroom ceiling.

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