Here Is All You Need for a Minimalist Bedroom

Minimalist Bedroom

If you are not a fan of clutter and overly decorative styles, then the minimalistic style might suit you. This is particularly well-suited to bedrooms as the clean lines and lack of objects can promote calm and relaxation due to the lack of distractions and visual stimulation. If you decide that you would like to apply the minimalist style to your bedroom, then it is important to know what you will need to create this look. Here is all you need for a minimalist bedroom.

The Bed

The bed is the most important feature in any bedroom. To create the perfect minimalist style in your bedroom, opt for a bed with clean lines and a simple look. Wood, painted wood, and metal-framed beds will all work with this style. Avoid divan-style beds with under bed storage as it is important that there are space and a free flow below the bed.

Storage and Other Furniture in a Minimalistic Bedroom

A common misconception of a minimalist style is that you cannot have any furniture other than the bed. This is not the case, but you should only include pieces that serve a purpose. The Spruce  highlights the importance of choosing pieces with clean lines, no-frills, and no unnecessary decoration, such as a pair of basic bedside tables. If you want the bed as the only piece of visible furniture for an extremely minimalistic look, then opt for in-built wardrobes and shelving with sliding doors.


In most cases, natural materials are the best option for the minimalist style. Use wood whenever possible for furniture, and opt for natural fabrics, such as linen and cotton. However, you can also use other materials around the room, such as metal or stone.

Color Schemes and Patterns

Stark white or a combination of black and white are what most people think of when imagining the minimalistic style. Similarly, people think of only clean lines and smooth surfaces with no addition of pattern. However, there are many more options than this when creating a minimalistic style in your bedroom. Although white is a popular option that looks fantastic and it also works well with black, Apartment Therapy suggests trying shades of grey, beige, taupe, and other muted colors. You can add a few splashes of other colors by adding a few carefully selected accessories. Patterns are also something that you can add to the room if you don’t go overboard and keep patterns to a minimum. Avoid overly fussy or complicated patterns. Instead, keep it simple with geometric patterns or a bold print.

Minimalist Bedroom Flooring

The floor should give the appearance of a clean, smooth flow through the bedroom. Carpet is not a good option for this look; it is better to opt for wood flooring for this style. You can achieve this either by stripping floorboards that are in good condition, adding wooden flooring, painting the wooden flooring, or using a wood-effect laminate. Other options include stone or tiled floors. Each of these options is a practical option, but the wooden flooring has a warmer look. To add some warmth and texture to the room, you can add a large rug close to the bed. Choosing a rug in a single muted color is the best option for a minimalist bedroom. However, if you plan to add some color or pattern to your bedroom, then your choice of a rug is a good way to do this. Those who have a large bedroom can add several rugs at different points around the room.

Lighting for a Minimalist Bedroom

Both bright lighting and muted lighting work well with the minimalist interior design theme, depending on the mood you want to create in your bedroom. A good option is to have adjustable lighting fitted or to have zoned lighting in the room so that you can adapt the lighting to the ambiance you want at different times. If you want bright lighting in your bedroom, ceiling spotlights are fantastic for adding some bright light to the whole room. For zoned lighting, consider adding simple bedside lamps for you to have focused light when you need it along with a contemporary stand lamp at the opposite side of the room.

Minimalist Artwork and Accessories

You shouldn’t be afraid to leave large areas of the wall bare or to leave surfaces with no accessories as less is more with the minimalistic approach to interior design. However, this does not mean that you necessarily need a bedroom that is stark and dull looking. Elle Décor suggests using contemporary artwork in muted tones hung above the bed, or a contemporary wall sculpture is good ways of adding focal points of interest around the room. Similarly, consider adding black and white photographs or prints to the walls. A simple mirror is another option for the wall, and this also serves a practical purpose in your bedroom. In terms of accessorizing, keep things to a minimum by choosing a few simple yet attractive pieces that are visually appealing and position them carefully around the room in places where you want to draw the eye.

Creating a Minimalistic Bedroom – The Final Verdict

The minimalist style is ideal for people who like clean lines and prefer to avoid clutter. This style works particularly well in the bedroom as a calm and relaxing vibe is ideal for creating a calm and restful environment. Choosing a bed and furniture with clean lines and simple design is an essential part of achieving this look, and you should create storage so that nay clutter is hidden out of sight. Muted tones are best for this style, although you can add splashes of color and pattern in your choice of accessories. Keep accessories to a minimum, as less is more in a minimalist bedroom. However, adding a few accessories is important so that your bedroom is personalized.

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