20 Gorgeous Modern Style Bathroom Designs

The modern design for homes is most recognized in the clean lines, sleek surfaces, and use of geometric design shapes of the fixtures and facilities. Modern design is commonly seen in homes; living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. It’s one of the most popular designs used by the younger generation homeowners, although anyone can fall in love with the look. There are multiple ways to use modern design in the bathroom, which makes it a great style to work with. While some people choose to mix and intermingle styles, such as a bit of traditional or classic bathroom looks with the modern, others prefer to go full-force with the modern look and showcase modernism in every aspect. Using the minimalist principles, you can create the perfect modern bathroom for your home no matter what style you prefer, or the size of your budget. For tips on creating your modern-style bathroom, here are a few tips to give you inspiration and get you started.


Modern bathrooms are typically designed with clean, sleek surfaces that are known to drawn attention to the design aspect of the piece, for example, a marble countertop or above-counter sink bowl. They are simple and give a more artistic appeal to the room. Glass and porcelain are other commonly used in modern designs.


Metals, and metallic looks are also very retro. When you incorporate oxidized copper colors, ion metals, brushed stainless steel, or Metallica into your bathroom scheme, it brings your bathroom into a forward looking style that gives it an innovative, eye-catching appeal.


Choosing fixtures for your bathroom can be one of the most exciting parts of creating your modern bathroom. There are many types and designs to choose from and you can play with the choices to mix and match elements. Modern deco is about geometric shapes, sleek lines, and unique looks. Square or oval, round or oblong above-counter washbowls or bathtubs are great elements where you can utilize geometrical shapes for a modern look. Modern-shaped toilets as opposed to traditional, are also a great way to add modernism to your bathroom.Colors: You can give your bathroom a modern look by choosing the right color scheme. A monochrome look, for example, is an easy way to convey a modern look. Using one color makes the lines of the room stand out and draw emphasis to the design. If a monochrome design feels a little too plain, try a high-contrast look and use two complementary colors that play against each other. Using bright pops of orange or pink against gray or blue shades, for example, will create a dramatic look. Try pairing warm colors, such as reds and pinks, against cooler colors, such as greens and blues, to add high contrast to the design.


Many times, black and white combos are used in modern rooms, as well as reds, greens, greys, browns and combinations. It I s pairing color with fixtures, art pieces, and amenities that together, create the modern look. For example, wide, horizontal green stripes on the walls with white, geometrically-shaped sinks and modern tub, complimented with stark black framed wall art pieces, is just one creative modern bathroom design idea. For more ideas, take a look at these 20 gorgeous modern bathroom design ideas.

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