20 Gorgeous Hotel Swimming Pools from Around the World

When most people plan a trip, one of the first things they want to know is, is there a hotel swimming pool. While many hotels offer their guests a place to swim, whether it be a small pool with a few chairs to lounge in and about enough room for a few people, other hotels offer larger swimming pools that have several different areas to cool off, swim laps, play with the kids, and bigger lounging and sunning areas. Still there are even more extravagant hotel swimming pools, with the most gorgeous, most luxurious and extravagant swimming pools being found at five-star hotels around the world. The more expensive the hotel, the bigger, more beautiful their swimming pool will be. Over the years, swimming pools have grown in size and the designs are elaborate. Luxury hotels make their swimming pools more grand all the time, creating pools that are main focal points of their property. If you have ever wondered what some of the most gorgeous hotel swimming pools are – what cities they are in, and what they look like, well, here is more about that. Here is more info about a few of the most extravagant hotel pools found globally.

Heritance Kandalama Hotel

Architect Geoffrey Bawa designed a beautiful infinity pool at the Heritance Kanalama Hotel in Sri Lanka. It is one of three pools on the property, but their largest, the Kachchan infinity pool is their largest. While swimming or relaxing in the pool, you get to take in the views of the Kandalama Lake, which happen to be the views that the infinity pool flows into. For evening relaxation by the pool, you can enjoy music by the famous flautist, Siripala, or have a game of water polo in their largest pool on the property, the Rashmi pool.

Intercontinental Hotel in Hong Kong

Infinity pools are gorgeous anywhere, but if you have a spectacular view to create the illusion that your pool water flows into the scenery, it makes for an even more gorgeous pool. The Intercontinental Hotel in Hong Kong, China, had an infinity pool designed that allows for their infinity pool to look as if the water just melds into the Victorian Harbour while you take in views of downtown Hong Kong, a beautiful city of gorgeous skyscrapers. You will want to use it night and day, when you stay at the hotel, to get many different views of the city, both by daylight and the night sky.

Grace Santorini Hotel, Santorini, Greece

Yes, another gorgeous Mediterranean view, you will be in awe when you see the hotel swimming pool at the Grace Santorini Hotel in Santorini, Greece. The luxurious and uniquely designed infinity pool flows right into the backdrop of the Mediterranean sea. The pool itself is beyond tranquil, but the scenery is so breathtaking, you will want to spend hours enjoying one of the most gorgeous hotel swimming pools in the world.

These are only three of so many gorgeous hotel swimming pools in the world. Whether you travel for fun or business, making sure your hotel has a beautiful swimming pool to enhance your stay, should be one of the qualities and amenities you look for in a hotel. If you love a beautiful hotel pool, something you don’t get to enjoy in your everyday life, take a look at these. Here are 20 of the most gorgeous hotel swimming pools around the world.

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