20 Beautiful Purple Living Room Ideas

Purple is often a color associated with royalty. It is considered luxurious and gives you an overall feeling of richness when used in a decorating scheme. It is also used as an eccentric color, or to create a spa-like feel to a room, and it all depends on the shade of purple you choose. However you want your room to look and feel, you can create the perfect purple living room by using as much or as little of the color as you want.

Lavish your living room in a purple hue, or just add purple accents to bring enough of the color in, that you feel its vibes. If you have wanted to make a change to your living room and are considering adding purple as part of your décor, here are some tips on how to incorporate the luxurious color into your decorating theme.

1. Purple on the walls, or not?

Decide on how much purple you want to incorporate into the room. Do you want a large amount of purple, or just hints? If you already know what shade of purple you want, it can help you decide if you want to have that much of the shade in your room, or if it feels too overwhelming. If you are going for a rich, luxurious purple room, deep dark purples on the wall can help to create that look and feel.

Keep in mind that the darker the shade, the more it will shrink the visual square footage of the room. Dark colors on the walls makes rooms seem smaller, but it can also give the room a cozier feel, too. Lighter, paler shades of purple can make a room feel more open, airier, and have more of a spa-like, or relaxation feel – garden-like, to the room.

2. Purple accents

If purple on the walls seems like overkill to you, bring purple in through accents around the room, using furniture, area rugs, window treatments, wall-hanging pictures, flowers in a vase, and other forms of accents that have the shades of purple you love and want. With accents, you can bring a much or as little of the color into your room, by controlling how much of the purple is in each of the accents, how light or how dark the shades are, and the size of the accent, for example, a large area rug, or small chair throw pillows,

3. Color coordinate

Pair your purple with other colors that make your purple stand out and “pop!” Purple ad white are a great combination for modern rooms, as well as deep shades of purple and black. Light shades of purple, such as lilac, are often paired with yellow for spa-like decorative themes. Whatever theme you decide to create in your room, pairing your purple with the right color coordinates will help you complete the look.

For more purple decorative designs for your living room, here are 20 beautiful purple living room ideas for you to view.

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