10 Common Complaints that Leslie’s Pool Supplies Always Gets

Leslie’s Pool Supplies is a nationwide pool store that also operates a popular online store. Owning a swimming pool is both fun, and a lot of work. Due to the equipment, chemicals and upkeep, pools can be quite expensive to own and maintain, so it’s no surprise that pool owners will try to find the best deals on pool supplies. When you can get a good deal on something, plus have it shipped directly to your home, this can save you a lot of time and money. But what if your product, or the service you ordered is not what you expected and you can’t seem to get the problem resolved? Bad experiences with companies happen all the time, and Leslie’s Pool Supplies has gotten a number of bad reviews on their products, services, and customer service that it is getting the attention of other customers and would-be customers of the pool company. We have researched some of the most common complaints received by Leslie’s and we have put together a list of the top 10 common complaints that Leslie’s Pool Supplies always gets. Keep reading to see what they are.

1. Products don’t work

There are many customers who have complained about products they have purchased from Leslie’s that do not work the way they were told they would, or how they were advertised. Common complaints have been about chemicals for their pool that have been purchased and did not do what they were supposed to, including some of their chemicals. One customer complained that a chemical he purchased to help clear up his green-colored pool not only made the situation worse, it made it cloudy on top of it.

2. High Prices

No one wants to feel like they overpaid for something they could have gotten cheaper somewhere else. That’s why it is good to always do your research and price comparison checks before you dole out your money to a company, only to later see that you could have gotten it cheaper somewhere else. According to many customers, there is a lot of complaining happening with the pool company from customers who have said that they have paid have paid way too high of prices for products and services with Leslie’s and did not get what they expected for the price they had to pay.

3. Too many ads

No one likes feeling pressured by companies to use their products and services by dominating the airways with their commercials. Apparently that is what many people feel about Leslie’s, and proof of this is that there are many complaints on their site about the number of ads they run, especially on YouTube, a popular video site on the web. Sometimes companies can actually lose business due to constantly running there ads to a point where people get tired of seeing them and opt to use a competitive company instead.

4. Takes too long to get their service

When you have a problem with a product you purchased from a company or order a service tech from a company to come to your home to provide a service for you, you expect that you will get things handled in a reasonable amount of time. Apparently Leslie’s Pool Supplies does not have a very good reputation for providing their customers with service of any kind, in a satisfactory amount of time. In reviewing customer reviews, it’s pretty apparent that this is a regular complaint of customers who have tried to get Leslie’s help with a variety of different problems they had and were not getting the help in a timely manner. This included product replacement, and service techs coming to their home to help them with a pool issue. Many customers complained about lengthy turnaround times, including one customer who complained about not being able to use his pool purchased from them and was given a month and a half wait time to get a tech to his house, which, according to the customer, meant that the summer would be over before he would be able to get help for his pool problem.

5. Unfriendly employees and treatment by customer service

No one likes to be treated poorly by a company, whether you have already spent your hard earned money with them or not. If you have spent money with a company, however, you definitely expect that you get nothing but the best customer service and friendly employees to deal with. Unfortunately, when it comes to Leslie’s Pool Supplies, there are a lot of customers who have complained of just the opposite, whether they are dealing with them in person at store locations, or over the phone. It has been a common complaint on their review site, to see story-after-story about employees at Leslie’s treating customers with less than pleasant attitudes. There have been comments about employees being down right rude, sarcastic, and often, not helpful at all. Lots of recommendations to take your business elsewhere if you expect friendly customer service.

6. Customers getting charged unexpected charges

There’s nothing worse than being told you will owe on particular price for a product or a service, then get hit-up for more money than you had planned to pay. One of the most common complaints on Leslie’s site is with bogus charges that customers were not planning on, or had been told they would owe. One of the most common areas of the business to have this happen is with customers that needed pool product repairs and were given a price quote for the repair and subsequently hit up for a larger amount once the repair was complete. This has angered many customers, especially due to the fact that the up-charges for the individual customers who complained, were typically a significant difference.

7. Leslie employees complain

It’s common to see customer complaints on a company’s website, but how often do you really see actual employees complain openly about the company they work for? Well, if you haven’t seen a lot of it, you will when you get on the review site for this pool company. Not only do customers have their share of complaints with Leslie’s Pool Supplies, but employees get on the review site and voice their distaste for how the company treats them. They complain about various things, from poor pay, to working very long hours with little pay and recognition. There are plenty of complaints regarding how corporate treats customers. It’s been said that they “vanish” when customers try to reach out to them for help. Employees say that despite Leslie’s claims to be a “family-oriented” company, they are far from it.

8. They don’t back their products

If you read the reviews on Leslie’s review site, you will find that a top complaint among customers is Leslie’s failure to back their own products. One of the most common products you’ll find mentioned in this regard, is pool pumps. Many customers have had a pump they purchased from Leslie’s not work right, or at all. When it comes to returning the product, they get the runaround, and many have said that in the end, they are not only left with a broken pump, but are out the money they spent on it, which many customers have listed $100’s of dollars as the price they paid. Unfortunate.

9. Products are not reliable

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending a lot of money on a product only to have it break within a short period of time. A chief complaint by Leslie’s customers is the quality of their products. From pumps to pool vacuums, customers are not happy with the quality of the products Leslie’s sells, saying that within a month or so, the mechanical device they bought quit working. Once it did, they had to deal with their rude customer service people and in the end, got no where with repairing it or being able to exchange, or return it. Most of the customers with these complaints are quite upset as these products cost them hundreds of dollars.

10. They don’t seem to know about the chemicals they sell and what works

If you are a pool company, it seems like you should know about all the chemicals you sell, and what chemical helps what pool problem. According to a lot of Leslie’s customers, they do not. Many customers complain that the employees tell them the wrong chemical, or combination of chemicals to use for their specific pool problem and for many, have made their pool water problem worse due to their lack of knowledge.

When it comes to choosing the best company for your home repairs of any kind, including a swimming pool, it is always best to research a company before you dish out your hard earned money to them and expect you’re going to get the best product, customer service, and best prices. Most companies offer customer review sections on their site, and you should always read them to see what other customers have to say, or get references from friends, family, or other customers to companies that they have had a good experience with.

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