20 Backyard Pool Ideas for the Wealthy Homeowner

For the wealthy, typically money is no object, and more often than not, space is not a factor either. With both in excess, they are free to put in any pool they desire and they usually do. Swimming pools of the wealthy are usually some of the grandest that you will ever see. Pool designers are going to great lengths to create the most luxurious pools that are sure to wow anyone, and they do.

Pools are more than just to swim in and lounge by, anymore. They are the center of the wealthy’s home; focal points in the yard that are more ornamental than functional, and it seems that most wealthy people have one. If you are fascinated by swimming pools and what types of pools wealthy people are installing in their backyards, here is more on the types of pools you will find at some of the most wealthy homes.

Choose the design

Pools have gotten bigger and more elaborate over the years. When it comes to the wealthy, one thing is for sure, for them, the bigger and more extravagant, the better. Bigger pools are in everyone’s backyards and they typically have a lot more to them than just water. While some go with the minimalist design, others are having their pools designed with elaborate curves and unique cuts that give the pool more character than just a basic look.

Choosing the right design will depend on the amount of space you have and the layout of your backyard. There are so many different designs that there should be no problem finding one to match your space restrictions. Also, many pool designers are able to customize certain designs to help it fit your area.

Spas and waterslides

The wealthy don’t typically like to have a pool without it being a part of a whole water themed area. This means that they often like to add other water-related activities that go perfect with a swimming pool. The most common additions to a pool are a spa and waterslide. Waterslides give the pool an added element that says, “fun” and “cool.”

Dramatic looking slides that come out of a beautiful rock garden and dump into the refreshing water, are always a big hit. Hot tubs or saunas that sit off to the side of the pool are another way to create a rich, elegant look for a pool. Spas can be anywhere close to the pool, attached or unattached and are popular among the wealthy.

From minimalist designs in stainless steel to palatial-style spas dripping with gold and jewels, the super-rich are immersed in a love affair with wow-factor swimming pools.

Endless pools

This is the new thing among the wealthy – pools that look like they have no edge, and go on for infinity or flow off into nowhere. They are super cool, and with the right landscape, these special pool designers can give your pool a unique look of the appearance that the water melts into the backdrop of the ocean, a mountain or any cool landscape that you have off in the backdrop of your home.

Here are 20 backyard pool ideas for the wealthy home owner.

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