20 Mirrored Furniture Ideas You’ll Love

Mirrored furniture has become a popular choice for home decorating. It is an unusual decorating choice and many people may feel uncomfortable using mirrors as a design element in their decorating scheme, however, mirrors are a great addition to your home if you know how and where to use them. You can take full advantage of the benefits that they offer and emphasize certain aspects of the different areas of each room.

Mirrors can create focal points in your room, emphasize wallpaper, carpet, paintings, and upholstery. Of course, used in the wrong way, and mirrors do have the ability to be a negative feature in your room, so learning just how to strategically place mirrors or used mirrored furniture is important. Some of the best and worst features of mirrors are:


There are several benefits to using mirrors in your décor theme. Here are some of the best reasons to incorporating some mirrored pieces in your home.

  • Expands space

Mirrors are known for increasing the look and feel of small spaces. They can make a small room look and feel larger than what it is by reflecting light in areas where it may be dark and dingy. They can enlarge floor space as well as overall room size. They can also be ornamental. You can have mirrors cut into ornamental shapes and pieces for a more decorative look to the mirror.

  • More durable

A typical mirror is fragile and can break easily, whereas, mirrors used in furniture pieces are manufactured with tempered glass which makes them more durable and less capable of breaking. They are then out into protective frames to further protect them from shattering and breaking.

  • Are versatile for any decorating scheme

You don’t have to use mirrors in any one decorating scheme. Mirrors are quite versatile and can be incorporated into just about any type of décor design that you can imagine, so be open to the idea of a piece of mirrored furniture in your home and have some fun with the idea.


Like mentioned above, mirrored furniture and mirrors in general, used in decorating a home, can have a downside and they should be mentioned, although there aren’t very many.

  • Can be heavy pieces

Good quality mirrored furniture pieces can be quite heavy due to the fact that most pieces of mirror that is used, will be installed into another sturdy or heavy piece of material, such as wrought iron, wood, or other type of metal. This is to create a sturdy foundation for the mirror for protection and durability. This means that moving the pieces around the home, may be a bit harder than moving other types of furniture.

  • Requires more maintenance

If your first thought about mirrors is that they are more demanding for upkeep, then you are correct. Yes, they will require more maintenance, due to the fact that they will need regular cleaning to keep the look of a clear mirror. They are more prone to fingerprints and dust, as well as splashes and stains. For families with small children or pets, this can be a bit of challenge to keep them clean and shiny.

  • Too many mirrors can be a bit cold

If you overdo the mirrors in your home or room, it can quickly make the room feel cold and sterile, which is the opposite of warm and welcoming. It is recommended to keep mirrored furniture to one or two pieces in a room or close together in close proximity, in order to prevent the problem.

If you are wanting to incorporate some pieces of mirrored furniture into your home and are looking for some ideas, here are 20 mirrored furniture ideas that you’ll love.

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