20 of the Most Luxurious Tree Houses You’ll Ever See

Who hasn’t dreamt of a really cool treehouse? For most kids, especially boys, a treehouse was what life was all about. Climbing up to a place all apart from the rest of the world where you could retreat into a place where you could play, be alone, think, read or whatever your heart desired. Whether you were one of the lucky ones who had the luxury of having a treehouse, or want to construct one for the first time as an adult to enjoy the luxuries you didn’t have and have an awesome place to retreat and relax.

Treehouses today are more extravagant then ever. Experts in treehouse designs are designing some really amazing treehouses that are going above and beyond what you could imagine. They can be whatever you want them to be, from a little retreat to relax and retreat, to a small living area or guest house. Some treehouses are extremely luxurious, and can be even more luxurious than many homes. If you are wanting to create a luxurious treehouse and need some ideas, here are some tips for creating you own luxurious treehouse.

What purpose will your treehouse serve?

Before you start your treehouse plans, you will want to determine what purpose your treehouse will serve. For some people, a treehouse might be luxurious but simple with the basics of living, while others might have all the luxurious of an apartment or small home, from appliances to plumbing, bedrooms, fireplaces and more. Depending on your desires, accommodating space and budget, you can make a treehouse as luxurious as you can dream.

Ideas for your treehouse

  • Create levels – Creating different levels throughout your treehouse can you a sense of a larger space. Utilize the structure of the tree line flow to develop upper, lower and middle levels in the treehouse to create different sitting areas, entertaining areas, kitchen, and bedrooms. If your limited with layout space, use height to make more living areas.
  • Have fun with your décor – Go rustic, go stainless steel, go contemporary. Have fun with your décor and make your treehouse really stand out. Use your creativity to use different and bold designs, colors or patterns in the different living areas. A treehouse should be about fun, as well as functionality, so don’t be afraid to tap into your inner child or artistic side and let your imagination lead you through the decorating stage.
  • Utilize as much natural light as possible – Treehouses can easily turn to darkened rooms with all the foliage that grows around them, being that they are in the trees. Having lots of windows for natural light will help to open up the space, give it a larger feel and appeal, and make it feel warm and cheery as opposed to a dark or cave-like space in the middle of the trees.

Talking to your treehouse design expert to get their ideas before you finalize your own plans, is always a good idea. They have ideas that could help you to design the most luxurious treehouse for your budget. Start with telling them what you envision and don’t be afraid to get a little bold with and a little ‘out there’ with your design ideas – after all, that’s exactly where your treehouse is going to be. Have fun with it.

For some ideas, here are 20 of the most luxurious tree houses you’ll ever see.

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