20 Gorgeous Spiral Staircase Design Ideas

Spiral staircases have always been the subject of topic in homes. It seems that they fascinate people and they become fascinated with their look. They add a sense of unique appeal in homes and can almost be artistic in their own right. Spiral staircases mean something different to everyone. Maybe you imagine a spiral staircase in a castle, or other unique dwelling when you see one in a home, and it makes you feel as if it may lead to somewhere magical.

Whatever spiral staircases do for you, having one in your home is a beautiful way to connect the floors in your home and a unique way to get from one level to another. Spiral staircases are not all the same. There can be a lot of creativity to them to make them have their own sense of character and add flare to your home. Do you plan to design a spiral staircase in your home? Are you needing ideas for what type of spiral staircase you would want to construct? Here are some things to think about if you are considering adding a beautifully designed spiral.

1. What is the design of your home?

When constructing a new spiral staircase, think about the design style of your home. A staircase is the connection between two, or more floors and you want it to flow naturally between the floors. The staircase will tie the two levels together and it should make sense. You wouldn’t want to have a old English Tudor style home with a very modern looking spiral staircase that looks totally out of place. This wouldn’t make sense and it would detract from the beauty of the staircase, and your home. Choose a spiral staircase that flows with the design to connect your home and keep the flow.

2. Scale your spiral staircase size

Not all staircases will fit in all homes. You want a spiral staircase that is going to fit comfortably in your home and the space it’s needed without eating up too much of the headroom, floor space or wall space. If your entry way or space the staircase will be, is small, there are beautiful smaller scaled spirals that you can choose from. Grand entrances or other wide spaces can handle bigger, grander spirals and even then, diameters and other measurements will need to be taken to make sure it will fit. On the opposite end of the spectrum, too small of a spiral staircase in a larger area or entry, can look just as awkward.

3. Choose the revolutions

With many spirals, you can determine how many revolutions (turns) the staircase will turn before you reach the top. Obviously, if it is a very large room with a high ceiling head, you are going to have more revolutions on the staircase as opposed to shorter spaces with less space from floor-to-ceiling.

4. Consider smaller spaced balusters for children

If you have small children in the home, or children that frequent the home, one thing you will want to consider is to have the balusters set closer together in order to prevent falls or injuries. You can let the installation team know that you want more narrowly placed balusters for safety reasons.

Have fun with your spiral staircase. Be creative when planning your spiral staircase and allow your spiral to be a showcase of your style to exemplify your flavor and taste. A beautiful spiral staircase is a great conversation piece and can be a beautiful piece of art that you can be proud of.

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