The Key Characteristics of a Caribbean Style Dining Room

Who doesn’t love the feelings the tropics give you? Warm weather, lush vegetation and crystal clear waters are inviting and calming. Whether you’re fortunate enough to live near the Caribbean Sea or if you just want to feel like you do, there are many great ideas to give your home a tropical decor. With the right elements, you’ll feel like your home is a luxury resort and spa. You can make over your entire home in Caribbean style. Even your dining room can become a tropical paradise. What better place to relax and enjoy a delicious meal with friends and family. Here are the key characteristics of a Caribbean style dining room.

Pick a Style

There isn’t just one Caribbean style in home decor. There are several to choose from when decorating your home and the best thing to do is keep that style consistent throughout your home. The first step in creating a Caribbean style dining room is to pick a style and stick with it. Tropical living spaces can be vintage, bohemian, classic, contemporary, rustic, modern or trendy. Whatever style represents you best, you can create a dining room that reflects it. Interior designers recommend not to go too crazy with the tropical theme but let it reflect your tastes. If you find the right elements, furnishings, accents and lighting you can create the perfect Caribbean style in your dining room decor.

Natural Woods

Decorating your dining room starts with the furniture and you can work around that. Starting with the dining table, seating, buffet and cabinetry, investing in these pieces is a great way to start. Natural woods in the dining room inspire a Caribbean theme. Start with your dining table. Pick a piece you love as it will be the center of the room. Natural tropical woods can be almost any shade from light to medium to dark. Great tropical rich woods include teak, Spanish cedar Amarillo, Almendro, rosewood and mahogany. Obvious wood grains add to a tropical decor and help the table stand out. Cabinetry and buffets in natural woods will stand out too. The pieces don’t need to match and can certainly be eclectic. A great antique piece is one idea. Wooden accents including molding an framing add to the Caribbean theme. Seating can also be eclectic and will create a tropical atmosphere.

Vibrant Colors

The next step in decorating your dining room with a Caribbean theme is choosing a color pallet. When we think of the colors of the Caribbean, these include the colors of the sea, the sky and the lush vegetation. The tranquil blues and greens of the sky and sea can vary. Light blues, aqua and turquoise shades that match the see and sky are great colors to start with. Another idea is to use white as the base and build on top of it like an artist’s canvas. Vibrant colors can be added into the dining room’s Caribbean theme. This can be done with subtlety or aggressively. Tropical shades of coral, orange, red, yellow, pink, purple and green can be added to the seat cushions, the wall hangings, a rug, drapery, a centerpiece and other accessories in the dining room.


Another component to remember when styling a Caribbean themed dining room is texture. Like the grains in the furnishing woods, textures add depth to furnishings and accessories creating a tropical essence. There are many choices when choosing texture throughout the dining room. Seating cushions and drapery can feature embroidered designs with tropical themes like flowers and fruits or simple linens can be used. Area rugs with crisp textures and bright colors can enhance the look of the dining room. Wall hangings may have textures. Wooden accents such as bamboo and lattice bring out the spirit of the tropics.


Of course you will want to add greenery to your tropical dining room. Caribbean plants such as palms, taros, bamboo and Ixora will bring the Caribbean into your dining room. Tropical flowers in wall hangings or in your centerpiece will add vibrant color to your dining room. Beautiful tropical flowers include pink, yellow, red or white hibiscus, the large colorful Flamingo Flower, Orchids, or red and yellow Lobster Claw. For your dining table centerpiece you can use tropical flowers or fruits. Tropical fruits include pineapple, bananas, oranges, coconuts and tropical berries.


The right lighting is important in any dining room. With a Caribbean dining room, there is a lot that can be done. Large windows, a door leading outside or a sky light will bring the natural light into the room and create an airy feeling. You’ll really be able to enjoy that beautiful Caribbean sunset. If you actually live near the water, this also will bring great views into your dining room. Even if you don’t live on the water, you can surround the outdoor area of your dining room with lush trees and flowers. Soft lighting will help create a calming, tranquil atmosphere while dining in the evening. Caribbean style dining room lighting can include a simple or intricate chandelier. It can include sconces with patterns of flowers and tropical plants. Canister lights are a great way to add depth and simple lighting to the dining room.

Bring the outside in or the inside out

The most important part of creating a Caribbean style dining room into your home is to bring the outside in or the inside out. Creating an open and airy space will bring the outdoors inside your dining room. Having large windows or glass door leading out of your dining room and onto your patio or backyard can create an openness that leads from your dining room to nature. Creating an outdoor dining space on a patio is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and feel like you live in your own Caribbean resort. What better way to spend an evening with family and friends than enjoying a relaxing al fresco dinner in your own Caribbean getaway. Fabrics of blue and white, rattan, bamboo and vibrant floral accents are just one a few ways that you can create an outdoor or indoor Caribbean style dining space in your home.

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