The Benefits of Having a Breakfast Nook

Breakfast Nook

The kitchen is probably the most busy room in the home, especially when you have kids and busy lifestyle. Making your kitchen as functional as possible is an important part of keeping the household running smoothly and comfortably. Every little bit of help, down to how your home is set up for taking care of your family. Because so much happens in the kitchen, this is definitely one room you want to be as functional as possible. Having the perfect kitchen design can make a difference in how comfortable your family feels in it, and how smoothly it impacts your daily tasks and lifestyle. For instance, small kitchens don’t always have enough space for a decent sized table to seat everyone comfortably, or enough space to take care of the many other tasks you probably use your kitchen table for. If this is the case, have you ever considered a breakfast nook for your kitchen? There are a number of benefits to having one and we have ten of those reasons. Keep reading to learn what they are.

1. Creates an open concept

Breakfast nooks can help to keep your kitchen an open concept rather than crammed with counters and islands, a table and chairs that all consume much floor space. Tucking a breakfast nook into an, otherwise, unused area of the kitchen can really free-up some space and make getting around your kitchen much easier with more traffic space, especially if it helps eliminate the need for a big island, but instead, can get away with a smaller, more size-appropriate island for your kitchen space. Nooks are also a more convenient space for getting into when you want just a quick bite to eat, either for you, and especially for kids.

2. Cozy and welcoming

Many breakfast nooks are designed to be close to windows or more natural light. Being close to natural light streaming in only adds to the charm and the comfort of the nook. If it’s near windows, the natural light streaming in makes it much more inviting for sitting down for a quick snack or a meal, and it especially makes it a more cozy setting. Nooks can be the perfect place to sit and relax with a cup of coffee over a good book in an out-of-the-way spot, in the kitchen, something Custom Home Group thinks is a nice bonus for a nook.

3. Create a banquette in your nook

Banquettes are popular choices for a breakfast nook. They can turn a bay window area or other quaint kitchen space into a cozy little breakfast nook and make your kitchen feel homey and welcoming. They are convenient for families with kids, especially when you worry about how hard kids can be on flooring – scraping chairs across the floor or banging them into the table. Benches on a banquette can also be designed for storage inside, giving you more storage options for your kitchen. Normandy Remodeling recommends that you keep in mind that banquettes may not be for everyone, but they can make a big difference for small kitchens.

4. Gain more counter and storage space

Most people will tell you that counter and storage space are some of the biggest issues with kitchens. With a breakfast nook, add more of both to your kitchen when you eliminate having to have a kitchen table somewhere in the room where more counter space and cabinetry could be installed. A nook takes the table out of the equation of eating up space that could be better used for other elements.

5. Create a view for yourself

There’s nothing better than having your meal while looking at a beautiful view. Many nooks are set near windows due to the views they can get, whether it’s a grand view of a mountain range, a water view, or just your own private yard. It makes your meals more relaxing and enjoyable, so while planning your kitchen, be sure to include that your nook is designed with the best views from that room.

6. Perfect for entertaining

Not all entertaining means sitting in the formal dining room, or visiting in the living room. Sometimes it’s sitting around a kitchen table playing games and eating snacks. Breakfast nooks with a banquette are great for this type of entertaining, according to DSI Kitchens.

7. May add space for a larger pantry

Depending on the size of your kitchen, you may be lacking the pantry space you want. Maybe you would have no pantry at all if you didn’t design your kitchen to include a breakfast nook and leave your kitchen for more functional and usable elements, like a pantry, or larger pantry. Rather than take up space by designing a kitchen to include room for a bulky table and chair set, include a breakfast nook in the design to open up your space for other options that are more functional.

8. So many design options

Regular table and chair eating areas don’t always leave you much room for being creative with your design ideas. If you have a breakfast nook, there are literally endless ideas of what you can do to make them as warm and inviting as you can dream. Bench banquettes are some of the most fun and interesting areas to design in a kitchen, especially if situated in a quaint area of the kitchen with a spectacular view. From fabrics to colors and patterns, even lighting choices are all part of creating the perfect breakfast nook.

9. Use it for a multi-purpose area

Most families do more than just have meals in their kitchen. Most use the kitchen for work related tasks, pay bills, work on kids’ projects and homework. Having a breakfast nook can help keep your tasks and projects more organized rather than spread all over the kitchen. If you like having one, neat, clean area where you can do all you need to do without extra clutter, a little nook can be that space for you and your family.

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