20 Orange Kitchens That Will Blow you Away

orange Kitchen

You know how much time you spend in your kitchen. It seems like it’s used for everything, from meals to a place you sit and visit, help kids with homework, and maybe pay your bills. A kitchen should be a happy gathering place in your home; functional and beautiful. Choosing the right color scheme for your kitchen is an important part of the kitchen decorating process, and if you love color, orange might be a color-flavor for you. According to Home Designing, orange tends to be a color that most people will either “love-it or hate-it,” but if you’re into colors that set an upbeat, fun and energetic tone in a room, it might be one you’ll want to consider. You can use a little or a lot of the color, and in as bold or as muted of a tone as you want to get the same “orangey” appeal, so here are some tips to creating a fun, orange-flavored kitchen.

Orange walls

Before ripping out any cabinets or making any major transformation to your kitchen, you’ll want to decide what parts and elements of the kitchen you want to be orange and which parts you want to be a part of your accent color scheme. To start, think about the amount of wall space your kitchen has. If you only have a few walls in your kitchen, you may want to use the wall space as your main source of orange. One or two main walls painted an orange hue can make great focal point walls in a kitchen, while using keeping the others a crisp, clean white or painted in an accent color. According to Big Chill, accent walls can be complimented by dark cabinetry, while other accent colors that pair well with orange include, navy blue, hues of bronze or gold, or consider a variation of turquoise as an accent color to use against your orange wall.


Appliances are often showcased in different colors to add style, for instance the ever popular and stylish look of stainless steel, however, many homeowners are now turning to appliances with a colored finish to give the kitchen a more unique look with pops of color to add a wow! factor. If you’re intent is to add smaller amounts of orange, try changing out your appliances for orange-colored appliances. You can appliances in an array of hues, from light orange, to a bright or deep orange, then pair them with accents colors ranging from silver, blue, gray, white, even shades of green, such as turquoise.


Cabinetry is one of the biggest elements in the kitchen and you want it to be pleasing to the eye, no matter what type or what color you choose. If going big and bold is your thing, orange cabinets will definitely give you what you’re looking for. Going all-out and refacing your kitchen with orange cabinets can be  tricky, according to Digs Digs It is recommended that you choose your complimentary cabinets carefully when opting for orange cabinets. Keep accent colors on the neutral side, such as black, gray, white, eggplant or dark hues of blue. Choose a shade of orange with your decor style in mind, for instance, bright “orangey” oranges look great in a modern kitchen, and shades of burnt orange work well for a more retro look.


Have fun with your lighting choices for your orange kitchen. You may find that many kitchens outfitted in orange tend to take on a more modern or retro/vintage look, and lighting choices for these to decor styles are fun and playful. Modern light fixtures over a bar or island area may look great in a simple white or black design, or for metal light fixtures, silver or bronze pair well with shades of orange. If you are having an all-out orange party in your kitchen and incorporating orange in as many ways as possible, hanging lights of your table or island can also be found in shades of orange.


Wood flooring is one of the most common flooring types to pair with an orange kitchen. You’ll want to choose the color of wood flooring depending on the shade of orange you settle on along with your choice of accent colors. Lots of orange and light accents pair best with light colored wood floors, however, if you’re incorporating dark accents, such as dark cabinetry, you may consider a darker wood flooring, or dark tile. Orange paired with plenty of white in the room may work well with a beautiful white granite tile floor.

For more ideas on how to use orange in your kitchen, take a look at the following 20 orange kitchens that will blow you away!

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