20 Built-In Refrigerator Setups That Will Blow You Away

Your kitchen is typically the most busy room in the home. Life happens in the kitchen. Preparing and eating meals with family and friends, having a cup of coffee over the morning paper, paying bills, are just a few of the generalized tasks many people do in the kitchen. You want your kitchen to be both beautiful and functional, and one way is to include a built-in refrigerator.

Built-ins have a lot of great features, with the main one being that it can meld right in with your kitchen cabinetry. It’s flush with your cabinets and hides the look of a bulky refrigerator to give your kitchen a more clean, streamlined look. Many families with custom kitchens are moving towards, custom, built-in refrigerators, and installing elaborate built-in refrigerator setups. Here are some ideas for you, as well as considerations, when it comes to designing your built-in refrigerator setup.

What type of refrigerator you can use

When it comes to choosing a refrigerator to use as a built-in, you can use either a side-by-side, or bottom-freezer. If you prefer, you can also purchase a separate fridge and freezer for the built-in set-up. This is typically a personal preference in what style you like, what sizes fit best, and brands that you prefer and make the style you want.

Positives of a built-in refrigerator

When it comes to refrigerators, they are typically the biggest and bulkiest in the kitchen. The majority of people’s refrigerators jet out far beyond thee cabinets and consume quite a bit of floor and wall space. Although they do come in an array of sizes, they are space hogs, and most people prefer to have standard sized refrigerators due to the amount of food they use, especially when it comes to having multiple people in the household. One way to help eliminate the bulky look that can also eat up a lot of visual square footage of a kitchen, hiding it in a built-in design will make your kitchen flow more aesthetically and be pleasing to the eye, as opposed to an eyesore.

Negatives of a built-in refrigerator

One thing people need to keep in mind is that built-ins are not quite as space-efficient inside. Although they are wide, these are not designed as deep as regular refrigerators, basically because they have to be fit to depth of the cabinetry around it, which will not be as deep as an average-sized refrigerator.

There are multiple options to think about with your built-in. Whether you want to add a wine fridge next to the refrigerator, what style of refrigerator you want, a side-by-side or bottom drawer freezer, or maybe a sub-zero to go with it. You will first want to determine where you set up will be, and what the space will allow for. Depending on your space, you can determine what type of cabinetry can be designed around the built-in fridge setup, whether you have some closed-door cabinets, pantry space, a built-in desk, or any other type of woodwork cabinet space.

You can also choose from having the regular look of the refrigerator exposed, for example, the stainless steel finish, or if you prefer to have the front of the refrigerator paneled the same as your cabinetry, to hid the fact that it is a refrigerator. This can be an elegant look for your kitchen, especially if you have beautifully designed cabinets that you want to be showcased throughout the whole kitchen without any break in the look, by having the refrigerator exposed.

Here are 20 beautiful built-in refrigerator set-ups that will blow you away. Take a look.

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