20 Beautiful Kitchens Incorporating Negative Space

Some kitchens are designed with space that isn’t the most usable space. It can be an awkward space that you aren’t sure what to do with it; how to utilize for function, or even decorate it so that it flows with the theme of the kitchen. When you are dealing with negative space in your kitchen, thee main goal is to try to increase the space so that you can make the most of it in a functional sense.

Sometimes negative space already exists in the kitchen, simply by the way the room was designed. Other times, it is created with items that already exist, however, they are a negative functional space for you. Sometimes, those are more easily rectified than the other. You may be able to remove a peninsula or island, and create more storage instead. In the end, the result should be that your kitchen has as much functionality as possible.

It should flow evenly, in design, from one end of the room to the other, if not by functional surfaces or space, certainly by design deco techniques and by visual appearances. Here are some tips for incorporating negative space into your kitchen to make it more useful and workable for you.

Enhance your negative space to enlighten the positive

Sometimes there are spaces where there is just nothing there and you don’t know what to put there, especially in a functional sense. This can be an odd-shaped wall, a corner that is not designed for anything in particular, or a piece of square footage that can’t accompany the rest of the kitchen with a real purpose.

Get creative and make use of these awkward spots. If your curved wall won’t house a shelving unit due to its design or size, try hanging built-in tiered shelves that can hold decorative items or a set of pretty glasses. A corner that isn’t big enough to house anything substantial, might be the perfect place to set an extra barstool for extra seating, or tiny bistro table for more seating during get-togethers, or your morning up of coffee. Maybe a watercooler on a pretty stand would fit nicely and not only add a little charm to the kitchen, but adds another function you might need.

Decorations can cover negative space

You know that one wall where nothing works? No appliance fits or works for the wall, there is not enough space to support a desk, small table, or any other work space that make the wall beneficial to the kitchen? Turn the wall into a decorative focal point by adding color to the wall that enhances the rest of the room. A beautiful art piece, or a large, decorative clock that gives the wall a decorative edge, yet adds an element of function as well is a good way to take use of a negative space wall.

Cabinetry, blank space, and other elements  

Not all elements of a kitchen are thought of as positive spaces for a homeowner. What one person may consider a beneficial element in a kitchen, another may view as negative, or unwanted space. Rearrange cabinetry, or remove portions altogether, if it is deemed unusable and fill it with an element that better suits you and brings it into the positive. If square footage was set aside for a dinette but you would prefer to have a island that acts as both functional cooking space or eating space, fill that area with a beautiful island, topped with a marble or granite countertop that can function as both cooking or dining space.

You can turn any negative into a positive. It’s all in how you view the negative and how creative you can be. For more ideas, take a look at the following 20 beautiful kitchens incorporating negative space.

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