Check Out Jessica Simpson’s Gorgeous Hidden Valley Home

Jessica Simpson is an American singer, actress and fashion designer who’s name became a household name at the height of her career in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. She has not only released a number of chart-topping hits, but she has created her own fashion line, called The Jessica Simpson Collection, which hit the stores in 2009. Simpson was married to singer Nick Lachey, and the two had their own reality show for a few years, following their lives and careers, but the marriage ended along with the show. Simpson has been married to retired NFL tight end, Eric Johnson since 2011 and the two have two children together. Simpson not only has a knack for designing clothing and accessories, but she has an eye for home decor, which can see in her gorgeous Hidden Valley home. If you have ever wanted to take a peek into Jessica Simpson’s home, we have some photos that let you get a closer look at the pop icon’s style and taste.

Simpson isn’t the first person to own this gorgeous, 5,500 square foot Hidden Valley home. Prior to the famous singer, other famous celebrities were once owner of the home, including Paul Hogan, and famous comedienne, Ellen DeGeneres. From the lush green grounds that are laden with ivy, to the shabby chic decor seen throughout the home, you’ll fall in love with the warmth and coziness of this pop icon’s taste and style. So keep scrolling to check out Jessica Simpson’s gorgeous Hidden Valley Home.

The entrance to the home is quaint, with lots of flowers and a deep-set front door that offers a sense of privacy. Ivy is all around to give an old English look and feel. The home is in a very strict, gated community, so she never has to worry about uninvited guests knocking on her private front door.

You are greeted with a beautiful grand entry of marble flooring and an elegant winding staircase, with an equally as elegant chandelier that hangs from above. Off of the entry is the entrance into the living area and as part of her shabby chic design, the entrance into the living area was given a bit of a dramatic look of floral-printed curtains and matching valance.

Simpson is all about a casual elegance in her decor theme, which you can clearly see when you view her living room. All neutral tones are used in the room, from stark white furnishings to beige tones, milky creams, even a neutral patterned sofa. Spectacular chandeliers are the main source of lighting in the room and they are one of the focal points of the room. The other, is the amazing fireplace that boasts two flower lavender arrangements; the only spark of color in the room.

Who wouldn’t love to start the day having breakfast while overlooking this view? This quaint little breakfast area is loaded with French doors that allow you to overlook the backyard that boasts stunning foliage, decorative tree lights for ambiance, and ivy-laden patio. Or you can use the French doors to retreat to the patio and have your breakfast out on the patio and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature all around you.

The Shabby chic dining area is a continuation of the living area, where Simpson followed suit with the same neutral tones of the adjacent living room. Blue and white striped covered dining chairs are set around the wooden dining table that is set with beautiful china, candelabras, and graced with a spectacular chandelier just above the center of the table.

The kitchen is all about space and openness. Wainscoting can be seen on walls and the ceiling to give the room a country feel, and the stark white cabinetry is beautifully paired with stainless steel appliances and large sink. A wood top island with stainless steel is a perfect addition to the kitchen for added prep space and serving area.

The master bedroom is nothing less than elegant. She kept the decor simple and furniture sparse.with no overcrowding despite the room’s large size. An over-sized mirror sits on one wall, and reflects French doors on the opposite wall that open up to an outdoor patio. The color tone in the master is neutral and warm, paring tans, blues and a matching plush headboard and foot stool.

A dressing area gives this pop star all the space she needs to get dressed and ready for the day. She has a built-in salon area where she can get her hair done, put her make-up on, and easily choose her clothing and shoes for her day’s outfit. Going on a trip? She’s got a while packing area that gives her all the space she needs to break out the bags and pack with organization. If she gets tired in the process of getting her hair and make-up don, no problem. She’s prepared for that too with an amazing plush window bench that overlooks the yard through a beautiful large window. It’s the perfect place for Simpson to kick her feet up with a cup of coffee before diving back into looking beautiful!

Another comfortable sitting area is this quaint little room that is full of Shabby chic decor. Beautiful floral arrangements are found all through the room, including on the coffee table, fireplace mantel, and on top of the beautiful white piano that sits at the far end of the room. Window bench seats can be found on either side of the fireplace, which really help to cozy-up the room even more. To finish off the elegant look, the most perfect small crystal chandelier hangs above the sitting area, and two elegant wall sconces add a touch of ambiance on a far wall.

Cooling off in the summer is easy to do with this gorgeous pool setting, or, if Simpson needs to do a little unwinding at the end of the day with her busy schedule of work and kids, the amazing spa off to the side of the pool is the perfect place to do it. You can’t help but feel relaxed in a setting like this.

This beautiful little outdoor patio area is full of nature and natural elements, from the wood, the stone, and all of the beautiful plants and potted flowers, and it’s all visible from inside with the gorgeous French doors. Just taking a walk through this area would help to bring you back to nature and help relax you when you need to find some inner peace.

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