The 20 Best Celebrity Living Rooms in the United States

When your family’s not in the kitchen, there’s a good chance you can find them in the living room. This is also true for celebrities. Of course, most of their living rooms aren’t your average living room. Instead, celebrity living rooms tend to feature high-end furnishings, unique artwork and structural elements, and quite a few huge windows. Want to see for yourself? Here’s a look at the top 20 celebrity living rooms in the United States.

1. Ellen Pompeo (pictured above)

Ellen’s LA living room is eclectic, yet glamorous. The sitting area includes two huge couches covered in high-end Schumacher velvet, along with two club chairs (also covered in a brilliant blue velvet), and a bench. Overhead, a brass pendant light (one of two in the room), provides soft lighting, while the cowhide rug on the floor adds a bit of warmth to the French oak hardwood floors. By the way, the iron and glass windows in the room reach 11 ft. and open up to the backyard.

2. Kourtney Kardashian

The oldest Kardashian sister’s living room is definitely magazine-worthy. In fact, it’s been featured in Architectural Digest. In the back corner, a Steinway piano sits to the left of the fireplace, while a vintage chair by Oscar Niemeyer, accompanied by a Wyeth ottoman, is on the right. A Richard Serra painting (a triptych) hangs above the fireplace. The cream couches, which may not be the best option with three children, are by Christian Liagigre and are covered in a wool by Schumacher. While all these things are gorgeous, it is the amazing ceiling that really sets this living room apart from most.

3. Anna Faris

The large living room features floor-to-ceiling glass walls that provide views of the tropical backyard oasis, hardwood floors the color of honey, recessed lighting, and a gas fireplace along the left wall. On the right, a sitting area features comfy cream couches that are perfectly placed for watching the mounted TV. The room features plenty of tangerine accents with tangerine accents, including pillows, throws, and candles. Tangerine can also be found in the painting on the back wall. It’s a stunning room.

4. Jeff Bridges

Jeff’s former Montecito living room has it all, from a fabulous antique stone fireplace to rustic ceiling beams, oak floors, and arched French doors that offer ocean views. The room also features an ornate mirror, hanging across from the fireplace, as well as vintage wall sconces that are said to have been salvaged from a Roman theater, and a piano in the corner. Sadly, Jeff can no longer enjoy this living room. After owning the home for 20 years, he sold it in 2017 for $15.93 million.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio’s hidden desert escape in Palm Springs boasts a magnificent, mid-century modern aesthetic, particularly in the living room. A huge stone fireplace, topped with a projector screen and flanked by floor-to-ceiling windows, serves as the focal point of the room. At the same time, it is impossible to miss the lacquered wood ceiling or the bold purple and yellow couches that give the room a huge pop of color. Although they are not visible from this angle, the living room also has a cocktail bar and grand piano. If you can’t get enough of the stunning space, the home, which was previously owned by Dinah Shore, can be rented for a mere $3,750 (starting rate) per night.

6. Tyra Banks

Despite its somewhat boring cream and gray color palate, Tyra’s living room is nothing short of spectacular. Located in her former Beverly Hills home, the French doors, arched clerestory windows, hardware, Italian plaster walls, and maple floors are original to the house, built in 1926. In here, the soaring, wood beamed ceiling is adorned with a candelabra chandelier, which along with the fireplace gives the room a warm and cozy vibe after the sun goes down. Plus, you can’t miss the rustic mirror hanging above the fireplace or the matching candelabra sconces on the wall. Tyra sold the home for $6.33 million in July 2016, not long after her son, York, was born.

7. Kerri Russell

Like Tyra, Kerri has opted for a neural color palate, yet ended up with a living room that is far from boring. When you first glance at the room in her NYC brownstone, the ornate stone fireplace, intricately detailed crown molding, and Ochre chandelier with three tiers of glass teardrops catches your eye. From there, you have to look at the one-of-a-kind mirror and side table created from reclaimed wood by her ex-husband, Shane Dreary, along with large tufted ottoman and the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams armchairs upholstered in linen. To give the room a touch of color, she’s included a live plant, as well as a floral arrangement on the mantle.

8. Meg Ryan

Although Meg used both a professional decorator and architect to help her create her NYC loft, several of the pieces in the room are part of her own collection that she amassed while hunting through vintage furniture stores all over the world. These pieces include the vintage worktable on the left (topped with a pair of lamps by Wyeth) and the armchair to its right. Beside the armchair is a stool made from lava-stone by Stéphane Parmentier. A custom made rug by Holland & Sherry covers the dark wood floors under the couches and ottoman that are covered in fabrics by Rogers & Goffigon. Of course, the dark molding on the far wall, as well as the wall of photos to the left, are what really stands out in here.

9. Robert Downey Jr

Let’s be real. While all the living rooms we have already seen are beautiful, they all have that perfect, never-been-touched look. That’s not the case in Robert Downey Jr.’s eccentric Hamptons living room. In here, the quirky pop art and massive ceramic fireplace wall immediately catch your attention. From there, you may or may not notice that the wraparound couch covered in fabrics by Toyine Sellers and Clarence House sits in a sunken-in area. By the way, this is the historic Edward DeRose Windmill Cottage, built in 1885.

10. Pamela Anderson

According to Pamela’s designer, Rachel Ashwell, the goal in the star’s Malibu living room was to create a space that was modern and elegant, while also comfy and organized. To do this, they covered the couch and chairs with white slipcovers, used gauzy white curtains to separate the space from the dining room, and put up heavy doors made from reclaimed wood on each side of the fireplace. (Pamela’s extensive book collection is hidden behind them.) For a touch of elegance, a chandelier was hung overhead and a painting of tutus was placed above the mantel. For a bit of color in an otherwise awfully white room, wood floors were put down and bouquets of flowers were sat in front of the fireplace. The result is the epitome of shabby chic.

11. Mindy Kaling

Recently listed for sale with an asking price of $1.995 million, the new mom’s West Hollywood home has a decidedly Old Hollywood feel to it. In the living room, the massive wood-burning fireplace sits right in the center, where it is flanked by French windows. The vaulted ceiling’s wood beams are stained the same color as the floor and appear to match the coffee and end tables. The built-in shelves that sit behind the huge arched window on the far wall provide the perfect spot for displaying various odds and ends. Don’t miss the fireplace cutout, which Mindy has used for a candle. Based on the fact she has quite the assortment on the coffee table, she must be a big fan.

12. Jon Bon Jovi

The rock star recently purchased a NYC apartment for $18.94 million. Chances are that this living room was one of its top selling features, thanks primarily to the floor-to-ceiling windows that provide views of the Manhattan skyline. Although you can’t tell from this photo, the living room, which features oak hardwood floors, measures 40 ft. long. On the other end, a gas fireplace sets the stage for an entirely different sitting area. There’s not much information about the room’s modern furnishings, so you’ll have to be content just looking at them.

13. Cindy Crawford

Purchased in 2017 by Cindy and Rande Gerber for $11.625 million, this Beverly Hills home was the flip project of One Republic’s Ryan Tedder and his wife. The living room is divided into two sitting spaces, one for kids and one for adults, using a standalone fireplace that definitely makes a statement. (A bar is situated on the other end of the fireplace.) Light wood floors run through the entire space, which is decorated in neutral tones and includes plush couches with chevron pillows, faux fur throws, and patterned rugs. Don’t miss the starburst light fixture hanging over the kids’ area or the chalkboard wall.

14. Gerard Butler

Either you’ll love the star’s over-the-top living room in his NYC loft or think it’s way too much. Architectural Digest happened to love it and we do too. There’s so much going on in here, starting with the gorgeous 13-foot ceiling with exposed beams, plaster walls distressed by hand, and carved wood columns and ending with the wide-planked hardwood floors and glitzy vintage chandeliers, yet it all goes together perfectly. While the arched casement windows that are framed in brick on the back wall provide plenty of light, the living room still manages to give off an old-world men’s club’s vibe.

15. Sting

The living room in Sting and Trudy Styler’s huge NYC penthouse has a lot going for it. First, the floor-to-ceiling French doors open up to a 43 ft. terrace that overlooks Central Park. Second, it has an amazing open, double-sided spiral fireplace that was inspired by the Fibonacci Spiral and is used to separate the huge room from the library. (For anyone else who has no idea what the Fibonacci Spiral is, here’s the answer.) There isn’t any information readily available regarding the furnishings, but you can see that the couple has a unique color scheme of soft lilac, red, black, gray, and cream. In late 2017, the couple decided it was someone else’s turn to enjoy the living room, selling the penthouse for $50 million

16. John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen

The living room in John Chrissy’s former Manhattan apartment contains a mishmash of vintage and new pieces, along with sophisticated colors and a few metallic touches, including the bronze end tables by Stephanie Odegard. On the right, vintage Arne Norell leather lounge chairs face a classic Chesterfield sofa. Behind them, a framed tapestry by Polly Borland hangs to the left side of a contemporary painting by Donald Sultan, which rests on a gold chest of drawers. Although it’s hard to tell, there are built-in shelves on the right, allowing the couple to display a few of their favorite things. And, you can’t miss the hot pink flowers that complement the dark room perfectly.

17. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt

Before selling their Ojai estate to Kendall Jenner in 2016, John and Emily would head home to this relaxing and beautiful living room after a long day on the set. The combination of lilac walls and accent pieces, as well as the cozy cream couches and the wood-burning fireplace create a calming ambiance. During the day, the room is likely flooded with light due to the large windows and French doors, while the light from the sconces and lamp likely give off a romantic vibe at night. If you look to the left, several board games appear to be stacked under a butcher block side table.

18. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

The living room in Neil and David’s NYC townhome is perfect for the couple and their 7-year-old twins. Two large navy sofas by Room & Board, along with an orange Kudu chair by Powell and Bonnell provide more than enough space for lounging around. (As an added bonus, they are clad in kid-friendly colors, which isn’t always the case in celebrity homes.) In the middle, a table by Trace Lehnoff offers a spot for homework, which is probably easy to see, thanks to the large windows and light fixture by Jonathan Adler hanging overhead. Despite being a living room that is inviting for young kids, it also looks amazing, which is why it certainly belongs on this list.

19. Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo

Nick and Vanessa’s soaring ceiling with exposed wood beams set the tone for a rustic living room in their former Encino home. In here, the beige L-shaped sofa commands most of the room and draws attention to the ornate fireplace, as well as the contemporary painting that sits atop it. Large windows ensure the living room has plenty of light, which may be while the couple has opted to forgo an overhead light. Instead, wall sconces do the trick. Did you notice that this is the first celeb living room to have a (possibly fake) plant/tree in it? However, it fits right in with the rest of the room, giving it a homey vibe.

20. Matthew Perry

Who knew the former “Friends” star had such great taste? Matt recently put his residual checks to good use and purchased a $20 million penthouse in Century City. The view from the ballroom-size living room, which starts with the downtown LA skyline and goes all the way to the Pacific Ocean, is not only spectacular, but is likely responsible for the high price tag. After checking out the view, it is hard to know what to look at next. There’s the super glossy hardwood floors, fireplace on the back wall, and the super long contemporary couches, which are accented with pillows in various shades of purple. In case you were wondering, there is a second fireplace in the living room, which can’t be seen from this view.

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