Check Out The New $3 Million Mansion Bought by Pedro Martinez

Pedro Mansion

Pedro Martinez is a retired MLB player who’s played for some of the most popular teams in baseball; like the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Mets, however, he’s probably most remembered for his time spent pitching for the Boston Red Sox. Martinez is now retired and living in Miami; soaking up the sun and living the life of luxury with his his wife, Carolina Cruz de Martinez, a former ESPN sideline reporter. According to Realtor, the couple recently purchased a North Miami home for just $3 million dollar, and it was purchased from fellow MLB player, Alcides Escobar who played shortstop for the Kansas City Royals. Escobar who originally bought the home for $2.65 million. This beautiful home is a perfect example of modern architect and decor, starting from the outside, in. The 5,022 sq. ft., 6 bedroom, 6 bath home is loaded with upgrades galore, and full of Smart Home features; from the lighting systems, to the sound system, even electric windows. So, check out the new $3 million mansion bought by Pedro Martinez.


The kitchen is very modern in its appearance, from the sleek bar seating area to the cabinetry and dining area. Glass is used in multiple ways throughout the kitchen, from the glass doors on the cabinetry, to the beautiful glass top table. The use of glass makes for a more modern look with the large floor-to-ceiling windows and retro-style windows over the sink area. Large marble tiles really shine and give the room a modern feel. If you’re into unique chandeliers, this one certainly makes a beautiful focal point for the room.

Living room

The living room is warm and welcoming with the plush neutral tone carpeting that pairs with the one under the kitchen table, linking the two rooms together in a beautiful way. More glass is found in this room with the modern glass coffee table arranged along with two other others for a beautiful table centerpiece. You can’t help but want to cozy-up with all the textures displayed around the room. Shag throws and textured throw pillows are all around the room, giving you a warm, cozy feeling. If there’s one thing this room screams, it’s “texture.” In the background, you can see a modern, black and white-style staircase that leads to the second floor.

Master bedroom

More cozy textures fill this master bedroom. A beautiful backdrop of dark wood is used for the neutral toned headboard. The night tables are simple in design yet have enough of a decorative touch that they pair well with the unique, textured hanging lights above. A seating area in front of the glass sliding doors has textures and patterns galore, from the zig-zag patterned coffee table to the throws that cover the modern-style sofa and chair. Your feet probably don’t hit a cold floor too often in Miami, but they certainly won’t in this room with the two soft throw rugs covering the marble tile.

Baseball-themed kids’ room

You probably would expect to see a a baseball themed room somewhere in the house, and here it is. According to Realty News Online, the room is head-to-toe, baseball and is designed to look just like a baseball stadium. A beautiful mural of clouds and stadium scenes are all around the room, and if you want to sit and take it all in, then take a seat in a glove chair and enjoy the room or game. To top it all off, a beautiful cloud shaped light fixture hangs from the ceiling to bring the look of the sky alive in the room.

Upstairs view of stunning chandelier

On the second floor landing, here’s the view yo get. Modern railing with glass panels allow see through visuals of the very large and stunning yellow chandelier. Modern touches are all around with the look of more white marble flooring, sleek architectural details, more large, floor-to-ceiling windows, and the use of black and white decor colors complete the simplistic look. Baseball memorabilia is framed and used as wall art in the background, showcasing Martinez’s amazing career in the MLB.

Private boat dock and pool

The house is located in a quiet cul-de-sac, according to The Smits Team, and if that’s not enough, here’s more peace and quite for the family and their guests. Enjoy a relaxing boat ride with friends and family, then come home to enjoy your own private pool with amazing views of the canal. It’s the perfect place to unwind, and you can probably use it most anytime of the year, since it is in the warm, sunny, Miami, Florida.

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