The $38 Million Home Designed By Lenny Kravitz

Everyone knows that Lenny Kravitz is a Grammy winning singer, songwriter, and producer. He’s even acted in a few movies and shows. What you probably didn’t know is that Lenny is also an interior designer, who founded Kravitz Design in 2003. Here’s the kicker. Unlike some celebrities who venture into a field outside their norm, Lenny is INCREDIBLY TALENTED. In fact, Lenny’s design skills are so impressive that he was recently asked to decorate a $38 million spec house off L.A.’s Sunset Strip. Before we take a look at the house, referred to as “The Stanley House,” it’s important to know that this house will absolutely blow your mind. So, prepare yourself to be a tad jealous or, if you have $38 million to spare, you can always buy it for yourself.  In the following pages you’re going to see some incredible photos as well as specifics on what Kravitz used to design this phenomenal home….

About the House

Here’s what you need to know about The Stanley House. It is perched on what is considered to be L.A.’s #1 promontory view lot, allowing for 270-degree views of the city and extreme privacy. At 10,700 sq. ft., it includes 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. The lower level of the home serves as a nightclub with a bar and state-of-the-art sound system. Directly outside, a 70-foot wide swimming pool sits, where it appears to be floating on air. For parking, an unseen garage door can be opened and closed by a hydraulic lift.

The Stanley House was developed as a collaboration between Williams & Williams Estates, Lyons Development, and Crest Real Estate. It was the final project for famed architect, Austin Kelly of XTEN Architecture, who was well-known for his innovative designs. When Lenny came on board to decorate the house, he was told just two things. One, there is no budget. Two, everything has to be the best. So, here’s what you get when you give a rock legend full creative freedom in a stunning mansion with absolutely no budget. Here are 20 photos of the $38 million home designed by Lenny Kravitz.

Before we get started, you may want to know that there is limited information on the furnishings in the home. In some instances, this was because it was created from Lenny’s own designs.

From the Outside

It just makes sense to start outside and work our way in. The exterior walls feature Portuguese cleft slate and seamless glass walls by VITROCSA, making the house perfect for indoor-outdoor living. (Those glass walls have a $1.5 million price tag.) From here, you can see the outdoor fire pit that was created using a 12,000 pound granite boulder, as well as the circular pool that is lined by unseen misters. Several mature trees can also be seen around the property.

The Deck and Pool

This photo gives you a better idea of just how large the pool, which is equipped with its own state-of-the-art sound system, is. (On the photo’s left is the 12-person hot tub, which will come in handy on cool nights.) There is plenty of seating, thanks to the spacious outdoor couches that your eyes are almost immediately drawn to, thanks to the warm stunning red pillows. Be sure to check out the dramatic overhang that provides a bit of shade. Here, you can also see the few lounge chairs that sit along the edge of the pool. All of the furniture in this photo was designed by Meridith Baer Home, who helped Lenny stage the home.

The Living Room

On this side of the gigantic, open living room, you’ll find the $50,000 handmade couch that was modeled after Lenny’s own design. Directly across from it, a 200-inch video wall with a gas fireplace takes center stage. Although the floors throughout the house are heated, a luxurious rug, also designed by Lenny, has been placed here for a bit of warmth and a decorative touch. 

Another View of the Living Room

This photo gives you a glimpse of what sits behind the couch featured in the last photo. A pair of chairs upholstered in velvet sit in front of the couch’s backside (which also has seating) provides a great spot for relaxing in front of another gas fireplace. With the exception of the couch and rug, all of the furniture and accent pieces shown here were provided by Meredith Baer Home. Be sure to take a look at the gorgeous dark hardwood ceilings with recessed lighting.

The Living Room in a Single Photo

Now that you’ve seen the different parts of the living room, it’s time to look at it as a whole. Gorgeous, right? Be sure to notice the gold honeycomb partitions in the back of the photo. The reading nook and staircase are hidden behind them. By the way, the house is completely automated and can be controlled by an iPhone. In addition, it uses a fingerprint I.D. security system.

The Kitchen

The galley style kitchen sits directly past the dining area and living room, making the entire space one huge room. The huge island with marble countertops takes up most of the space, offering plenty of room for prep work before cooking on the top-of-the-line range. Although they can’t be seen from this angle, the kitchen also includes a coffee bar and walk-in pantry.

The Dining Room

Despite countless Google searches, it is impossible to identify where this spectacular table for 10 came from or even what it is made of. Of course, the dining room area, by itself, is definitely one that many people would do just about anything for. However, it’s impossible to put your finger on exactly what makes it so amazing. It could be the spectacular views, the gorgeous table topped with candelabras that give off a subtle twinkle of light, the glowing flames from the fireplace, or something that simply can’t be identified.

Along the Side of the House

Before heading to the bedrooms on the next floor, here’s a quick look at the staircase, which has deemed “artistic” in the official listing, and takes you to all three levels of the house. (The house also has an elevator for anyone whose just too tired to tackle the stairs.) You can also see gold honeycomb partitions that are used throughout the house to provide a bit of separation without blocking the view entirely. On the right, perimeter misters are just one of the home’s water features.

The Master Bedroom

At first glance, the master bedroom looks simple. There’s a bed, a couple of side tables, and a pair of lamps. When you look closer, you realize this room is far from simple. That’s a Calcutta marble wall and a leather bed based on the vintage version found in John Lautner’s Sheats-Goldstein residence, an iconic LA home. The buttery, soft leather is also used on the side tables.

The Master Bedroom from a Different Angle

It’s true that the master bedroom looked a bit plain in the previous photo, but that is definitely not the case from this angle. You can see that the floor-to-ceiling glass walls continue in here, allowing for spectacular city views from anywhere in the huge room. In the far right corner, another fireplace sits, offering aesthetic appeal and a little warmth. Although it can’t be seen here, a TV is hidden in the ceiling in front of the bed. With a simple push of a button, it slides down. 

The Dressing Suite

No $38 million house would be complete without an entire suite dedicated to clothes, shoes, and getting dressed. This dressing suite doesn’t disappoint. This particular suite has a decidedly masculine vibe, thanks to the dark woods and lack of ornate chandelier that is so prominent in similar rooms used by female celebrities. Yes, that is Lenny’s denim jacket on the middle island. Although he doesn’t own the home, he did live in the home for about a month while he was finalizing his design plans.

The Master Bathroom

It shouldn’t be a big surprise to see that the glass walls continue into the bathroom, nor that dark woods are primarily featured in here. The marble floor is a departure from the hardwood that runs through most of the rest of the house. One of the most interesting aspects of this bathroom is how the large double vanity isn’t placed against a wall, like it is in most houses. Instead, it is situated almost in the middle of the room, providing a little bit of privacy, while also allowing anyone who is in the bathroom the chance to enjoy the view.

A Guest Bedroom

If you thought that only the master bedroom would have spectacular city views, you were wrong. All of the four guestrooms, including this one, feature a glass wall, giving guests easy access to the wraparound balcony. The dark hardwood floors are covered with a rug that goes perfectly with the luxury bedding. Another simple room, this one includes a pair of chrome lamps that offer a contemporary twist on a traditional lantern design, as well as a framed photo of part of the Hollywood sign above the bed.

Another Bathroom

Although this guest bathroom doesn’t provide the same views as the master bathroom, it still has a lot going for it. For example, the floating vanity with dark marble countertops that contrasts with the white marble walls. On the right side, you can see the pocket doors that slide in and one to separate to provide some privacy from the bedroom. A walk-in shower runs the entire length of the back wall, meaning it has enough room for the entire family to shower at the same time.

The Reading Nook

Referred to as “the reading nook,” this cozy space features a built-in couch upholstered in emerald green velvet, along with a leather chair. A lifelike peacock sculpture provided by Meridith Baer Home sits in the back left corner, alongside what seems to be a small bar. Also in the room are custom paintings by Retna, a contemporary artist whose work is easily identified by its graffiti-like art with text included. These paintings were commissioned by Kravitz for the property.

The Office

There’s a pretty good chance that anyone who owns a $38 million home is going to have to get a little bit of work done from time to time. At the very least, they’ll want to sit down and review the astronomical amounts in their bank accounts. This office provides all the space they need to work, as well as a director’s chair for visitors and immediate access to one of the outdoor fire pit. Just as in most of the other rooms, an area rug covers the hardwood floors, adding another decorative touch.

The Nightclub

Located on the home’s lower level, the private nightclub, named Disco Volante, rivals some of the world’s top nightclubs. In here, Lenny opted for a bohemian vibe, while also paying tribute to one of his greatest musical influences, Led Zepplin. Several suede couches and ottomans, along with the unique gold bar contemporary-style gold barstools, offer plenty of room for guests, while the travertine floors provide a great space for dancing.

The Opposite Side of the Nightclub

This photo gives you a better idea of how large the private nightclub is. Opposite the bar, multiple sectional sofas covered in velvet ensure there is more than enough room for visitors to simply relax. Candles and dim lighting add to the room’s ambiance, as does the fireplace on the left side of the room.

A Look at the Master Bedroom from the Patio

Remember that the patio/ deck wraps entirely around the outside. This particular area of the patio is located just outside the master bedroom and shows you just how perfect this house is for any millionaire who appreciates seamless indoor-outdoor living. An awning hangs well over where the bedroom ends, allowing whoever is using the room to open the space up to the outdoors on a rainy night, enjoying the sound without the fear of anything getting wet.

The Outdoor Kitchen

Another necessity when building a multi-million dollar home is a restaurant quality outdoor kitchen. This one fits the bill, thanks to the high-end, stainless steel appliances, which includes a gas grill, and the small bar. To the side, a table with banquet seating gives visitors a place to eat, while they take in the magnificent view.

Did you know that Lenny Kravitz moonlighted as an interior designer? What are your thoughts on his design style?

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