Check Out Donald Trump’s $30 Million Mansion in Beverly Hills, CA

It’s easy to forget that the current US President also happens to be a billionaire. Trump sports a hefty net worth of about $3.1 billion USD today. While everyone might have differing opinions about his presidency, no one can deny that he’s a pretty solid businessman. A portion of his net worth comes from his real estate portfolio, which comprises of 8 properties across the US and in one Caribbean island. Although he spends majority of his time at the White House today, Trump does jump from mansion to mansion when needed. One of his properties, the Beverly Hills mansion, was listed for just under $30 million. Here’s a quick look into this gem, and why it’s absolutely worth buying. Donald Trump was a celebrity long before he became president of the country. Some might argue that he belongs in Rodeo Drive more than he belongs in the White House, but it’s likely Trump feels that he belongs everywhere. He does, after all, own this mansion right on Rodeo Drive. As a matter of fact, he’s got two mansions—one right next to the other—just because he can. Both mansions have different styles but have likely served the same purpose for Trump. The larger mansion is the one on sale now.


When it comes to real estate, location is truly everything. This is a fact that Trump considers seriously, which shows with his location choices for all his properties. Just as an example, Trump has a New York tower right in the heart of Manhattan overlooking Central Park; he’s also got a mansion right across from the gorgeous ocean in Palm Beach, Florida; and then here’s this property in Beverly Hills. Trump’s BH mansion is in an excellent location. It’s only blocks away from the Beverly Hills Golf Club, and it’s even closer to the Beverly Hills Hotel. The mansion boasts a beautiful Greek-Revival style. It’s immaculately huge as a two-storey home with 14,991 square feet of living space. The theme of the entire house is opulence and grandiosity. There’s no limit of space in this house. With 11 large bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, Trump’s BH mansion is big enough for his gigantic personality and so much more. It’s also the perfect space for entertaining the wealthiest of guests.

Grand entrance

Upon entry into the mansion from the main entrance, you might gasp in awe of luxury. The foyer is wrapped in stunning white marble—from the floor to the balustrades. The effect is truly elegant. The foyer is left almost minimalistic when it comes to furnishings, which actually works for the space. There are a couple of elegant seating areas, floral pieces, and an ornate mirror on one wall. Because of this emptiness, your eyes draw automatically to the height of the room, which is embellished with a grand chandelier that hangs in the middle of the tall ceiling. It’s almost dizzying, but the spaciousness is welcoming. It might not be the warmest room out there, but it does invite you in to explore just a little more.

Living room

From the grand foyer, you can walk into the step-down living room, which is just as fancy. This room features minimalistic walls again—opening the space up even more. The recess ceiling gives another touch of elegance, and it’s an excellent detail. The furnishings are all neutral in color. The large sofa sets are beige with gold legs, and there’s a touch of color on the throw pillows. The different hues of blue on the couch are subtle additions of dimension to the room. The clear coffee tables are actually smart to use. They are functional pieces that don’t appear to be taking much space because of the glass tops. There are floral pieces on the tables that add color and vibrancy. The draperies are simple and elegant, and they don’t really get in the way of the room’s design.


Just right by the dining room is the kitchen. It may come off as small and clinical, but it does continue the design of the home. The kitchen may not be particularly exciting, but it does have all the bells and whistles of a modern chef kitchen. The main theme here is white and stark. The three pendant lights that hang above the large island add a touch of personality. Perhaps the best feature in this kitchen is the marble top island that can seat up to 8 people. This is basically all the counter space you’d get in this room. Although focused on one space, it’s definitely large enough for any serious home chefs.

Primary bedroom

Although simple in approach and design, the primary bedroom is still quite elegant. There’s no crowding here, and so you’ll definitely feel that it’s a room for relaxation. An enormous king bed sits in the middle of the room, and there’s an alcove right across the bed for the television. Right by the windows is the seating area, which features two blue chaise lounges and a white sofa. It’s the kind of room that you’d want to sleep at each night to say the very least.

Outdoor space

The outdoor space of Trump’s BH mansion is spectacular. The pool is ever so inviting as a gorgeous grid of grass on pavement surrounds its blueness. Plus, there’s nothing better to do on a hot LA day than jump into a cold and crisp pool. Right next to the pool is a tennis court and a regulation-sized basketball court. There are also plenty of shaded seating areas that can help protect you from the LA sun. There’s no room for boredom in this mansion for sure. You can stay active, or you can get some relaxation in—the mansion is large enough for both.

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