Check Out Cary Grant’s $3.5 Million Home in Palm Springs, CA

The home where movie star Cary Grant spent his retirement has been sold in the last five years for just under $3.5 million. The Spanish Colonial Revival style house is located in Palm Springs, in an area that is commonly referred to as the Movie Colony. The home was named Las Palomas which means The Doves. This may have been a reference to the walls of the home which are all painted white. The two-story house is set within 1.5 acres of grounds and measures 6000 square feet in size. The home has six bedrooms and six bedrooms, and is a replica of a 19th Century Spanish farmhouse. It was designed by the architect John Byers and was completed in 1930. The house underwent restoration in 2009, but it still has many of the same features that would have been present when Grant lived there. The LA Times reports that all of the original features of the home were carefully preserved when the restoration work took place. This includes the terracotta tiling on the floor and the art deco tiling in some of the bathrooms.

The largest room in the downstairs of the property has a 40-foot beamed ceiling. It also has a terracotta tiled floor which is a similar color to the wooden beams. There is a working fireplace within the room and it is the ideal space for an open plan lounge and dining room. The views from this room look out to the pool and beyond. All of the windows and doors that face the pool are the full height of the room and can be completely opened. This makes it feel as if the terrace is an extension of the room. There is also a fireplace in the master bedroom. This bedroom also has a balcony that overlooks the pool. It is a spacious room with a four poster bed. Large French doors open out onto the balcony and the windows in the room are of a good size. The master bedroom has its own bathroom and there is also plenty of room in the bedroom for any additional furniture that you may want.

Terracotta tiles on the floor and a wooden beamed ceiling are also features of the kitchen. However, the main feature of this room is the Wolf stove and oven unit which would have been state of the art when it was first installed in the 1950s. It remains in working order until this day. As with many other rooms in the house, there are fans on the ceiling which can be really useful at keeping the rooms cool when the temperatures are getting hotter outside. The house is walled and gated, so it is easy for the owners to maintain their privacy. Palm Springs Life reports that Cary Grant’s initials can still be seen on the gates. This reference to the history of the property seems to be something the owners after him were happy to keep. A long driveway leads from the gate to the front of the property. There is also a motor court which gives plenty of space for visitors to park and a car port for those who prefer to keep their vehicles under cover.

The property also includes two casitas. These are both completely self-contained and can be used by guests that stay at the house. Grant would have had several A-listers of the period stay at the property at the height of his career and one of the casitas is named after Alfred Hitchcock. Hitchcock is believed to stayed in this part of the property on several occasions. The Alfred Hitchcock Casita was designed by the architect Walter Neff. The house and the casitas were both very popular with Grant’s fellow movie stars who were looking for somewhere to escape from the limelight. There is an extensive terrace and the house also has an outdoor pool and a spa. The pool and the spa are both heated which means they can be enjoyed early in the morning or after the last of the California sun has gone. The terrace is the perfect place to relax and there is plenty of room for some sun loungers. The size of the terrace means that it can be used for entertaining. There are lights in the pool and on the exterior wall of the house and so the terrace can be used at any time of day or evening.

There is a lot of outdoor space to enjoy at this property. The 1.5 acres that it is set in contains a lot of lush greenery. It is quite unusual for so many green plants to be found in a desert location. There are a variety of fruit trees and palm trees that are planted at the property. One of the highlights of the gardens is a eucalyptus tree which is more than 80 years old. The lawns at the property cover a large area of land and they are all very well maintained. The Spanish influence is obvious throughout the interior of the property. This is something that The Agency RE considered to be a strong selling point when they had the property listed for sale. The shutters on the windows of the house are in the original Spanish style, and although they have been painted they are still the shutters that were in place when the house was built. There are also several examples of custom cabinetry that can be found around the property. Cary Grant lived in this house when he retired from making movies in 1966. He had a daughter named Jennifer from his fourth marriage to actress Dyan Cannon. When she was born he announced his retirement so he could be there for her as she grew up. He had a difficult childhood as neither of his parents were around, and he wanted things to be different for his own child. He and his daughter lived in this house until she was six years old.

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