Enter Nick Nolte’s $6 Million Malibu Estate


The most spectacular residences are usually the ones that belong to celebrities. Maybe because they’re the most expensive ? Yeap, it could be. Well, one of these beauties is the Malibu estate owned by famous actor Nick Nolte and is currently available on the market for the “puny” amount of $6 million. The two acres property that holds this 6000 feet residence is the perfect place to build a home on if you’re in love with the great outdoors, as besides being very large, its richness consists in a lovely greenery that embraces the home and offers some splendid views for you to admire.

The residence holds four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a master suite that includes an office, six fireplaces, a guest house, several terraces and a tennis court. The interior fittings reveal luxury and elegance, but I would’ve expected nothing less from the highly respected actor.

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