Check Out Lady Gaga’s Oceanfront Malibu Estate

Lady Gaga purchased the $24 million Malibu mansion, (more appropriately; a compound), from Dan Romanelli, founder of the Warner Bros. Worldwide Consumer Products Division. The home was designed after the style of traditional homes sitting on the Riviera and it sits on 6 acres of land that boasts stables, riding trails, grazing pastures, and a riding arena, even a bocce ball court. Still in her twenties, this is Lady Gaga’s first home purchase, and it is obvious that when she dove into home ownership, she dove in with a big splash. Inside this massive mansion, Lady Gaga has the world at her fingertips. If she’s in the mood to throw a bowling ball down an alley, she’s got a two-lane alley right in her home. Or if she prefers to free-throw a few basketballs, she doesn’t have to go far either (or maybe she does in such an expansive home), but no matter, she has that set-up in her home as well. Of course there is a private gym, wine cellar, bat cave, plus much more.

The home spans six acres and from above, looks more like a compound than single family home. You see the lush greenery all around the home, multiple lanais and stairways that lead you from the home to the outdoor areas. The large saltwater swimming pool is simple and pristine, and the large drive way gives Lady Gaga plenty of room to host a large number of guests with plenty of room to park.

The kitchen is done all in neutral tones metal appliances, range hood, and hanging tea lights. An elegant candle chandelier hangs above the wooden dining table and wood beams complete the look of the gorgeous modern-rustic design style kitchen. Who wouldn’t want to spend time in this amazing kitchen cooking and eating meals with friends and family?

Another sitting room boasts a fireplace and large windows with a set of French doors that open-up to the ocean view seen outside. Cathedral ceilings add more height to the room along with the large wooden double doors.

The living room is surrounded by bold arches. Some lead you to other living spaces, while others frame the large windows on the back wall that overlook scenic views of the property. A large stone fireplace at the end of the room is a key focal point as well as the amazing Gothic-style chandelier that hangs majestically just above it.

At the bottom of the stunning staircase, this entryway boasts gorgeous wood floors and a multi-piece painting that depicts the nature of the compound’s history and function as a horse farm. It is simple and charming, and the overhanging chandelier definitely gives this room a sense of style and elegance.

This stunning office is rich and warm with the dark wood all around, from the large office desk, fireplace and wood walls with beautiful trim. A fire place is situated directly across from the work space allowing Lady Gaga enjoy the ambiance of the glow as she works.

A wall of windows makes the master bright, open and airy. Who wouldn’t love to fall asleep with this view in sight? The master bed is surrounded by canopying creamy white drapes and a small seating area is laid out in front of the elegant white fireplace. It’s the perfect place to have a nightcap, or cup of warm tea while reading a good book just before turning in for the night.

A beautiful lanai sits off of the back of the house and features a couple of sitting areas, one of which is a dining area for enjoying a snack or meal while you overlook all the natural beauty of the lush greenery that surrounds you.

You can entertain any kind of guest you want in an entertainment room like this. From movies, to bowling, even basket ball free-throwing machines, there’s something for everyone. Lady Gaga won’t have any trouble packing in a large number of friends for a gathering in this room.

The long, rectangle pool that has beautiful views of the mountain scenery off in the distance is not your typical pool. This pool is salt water, which means Lady Gaga gets the benefits of an ocean swim without having to deal with all the sand that goes with a trip to the beach. At the far end of the pool is the hot tub, which is perfect for relaxing with a cool drink and soaking up the sites after a swim in the pool.

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