Check Out Kenny Rogers’ $20 Million Farm in Athens, GA

The late American celebrity Kenny Rogers made a fortune capitalizing on the arts. Rogers was a famous singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor, and he also built a fortune as an entrepreneur and restaurateur. The singer’s last recorded net worth was $250 million, so it’s no surprise that Rogers’ has lived in some of the most amazing homes throughout his life and career. One of these properties is his fabulous farm in Athens, GA. This farm is worth a whopping $20 million, and you ought to believe it when you hear that it’s worth every one of those millions. Let’s take a closer look into Kenny Rogers’ incredible farm, also known as the Beaver Dam Farm, in Georgia.

Beaver Dam Farm sits at just over 970 acres, and the mansion itself is about 12,000 square feet in size. There are 20 bedrooms in the main mansion. But as if that wasn’t enough, there are also 5 other guesthouses and a lake cottage as well. Rogers’ farm is a true retreat, and it’s one of those places that you can easily build memories on. It’s an incredible family home, and Rogers’ has done an amazing job with the entire property.

Living room

The overall feel of the mansion is quite homely. Starting in the living room, you can immediately feel how the beige undertones give the space feelings of warmth and comfort. Although the furnishings make the room look a bit outdated, the basic bones of the living room are solid. A little bit of greenery adds some needed life and freshness in this room. The best part, however, is the black fireplace. It’s elegant, simple, and remarkably beautiful in a room that’s basically colorless. The fireplace stands out in a really nice way.


With 20 bedrooms in one mansion, it’d be hard to talk about them all here. But we’ll talk about one of our favorite rooms in the entire house. This room, again, has the beige undertone like in other parts of the house, but this time it shows off a little bit more modernity in the design of the room. The furnishings are romantic Mediterranean in design. There are two identical queen beds with hanging canopies, and there’s also a matching chaise lounge in one corner. The plush carpet flooring has a beautifully unique design, and the room is even more spacious than the average hotel room. This particular bedroom has a full bath accessible from within the room.


The next room in the mansion worth mentioning is a kitchen. If a house has 20 bedrooms, it better have a kitchen that can accommodate to a full house. The Beaver Dam mansion definitely does, and it is huge to say the least. The kitchen is a massive galley-style area with one long island occupying the central space. The stove is also located on the central island, which makes it even more accessible. There will never be any shortage on storage in this kitchen, and refrigeration will never be an issue either. This is the kind of kitchen that can handle catering to a full party.

Movie theater

The mansion has many special amenities and distinctive rooms, but one of our favorites will have to be the movie theater or media room. While it has become common in larger homes today, Rogers’ in-house movie theater has enough seating for at least 9 people, and the seating setup will make you feel like you’re actually in a theater watching a film. The design of the theater is also reminiscent of a commercial space, with elegant columns adding a touch of personality to the room.

Outdoor space

Just outside the main mansion is a gorgeous outdoor space. This is the area where you can find the swimming pool, which is a basic square-shaped feature. Because of this rigid shape, the outdoor space feels very organized and maintained. There are classic pergolas on two sides of the pool that provide a shaded area for anyone that wants it. Next to the pool is where you’ll find the outdoor eating area that is akin to what you’d find at a resort. This outdoor eating area is actually inside another structure that also has a full kitchen. It’s the perfect place for the next outdoor gathering.

Guest cottage

Just a few short steps away from the mansion is the guest cottage. It’s probably best described as the lake cottage or the lake house, as it sits right on one of the bodies of water in the entire property. It’s a much quieter location in comparison to the mansion, and it’s also a lot smaller. It’s truly the perfect guesthouse, or it can even be a multipurpose space as needed. Either way, it’s the best location to unwind at when the mansion just gets too busy. It’s also perfect for guests that are coming to stay and wanting a little more privacy.

Extra amenities

As if a 20-bedroom mansion isn’t enough in such a property, Beaver Dam Farms also boasts of two tennis courts, a full-size golf course, two swimming pools, and three lakes and/or fishing ponds. The property even has an enormous equestrian center that has a total of 44 stalls. We’re guessing that Kenny Rogers is a fan of horses because of this home feature. Beaver Dam Farms is the kind of place that you could never get bored of. There are plenty of areas to explore, trails to hike, and various activities to enjoy. Whether you like lounging, doing sports, or both, you’ll find something at Beaver Dam Farms to do. For a $20 million property, Beaver Dam Farms almost seems like a steal, especially since it’s owned by a living legend such as Kenny Rogers.

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