Check Out Red Skelton’s $6 Million Ranch in Riverside, CA

Red Skelton was a comedy entertainer born in Indiana in 1913, and whose career began in 1923. He was best known for his radio and television shows between 1937 and 1971, although his career continued to 1993. Skelton is most famous for hosting ‘The Red Skelton Show, although he hosted multiple television series throughout his career. Due to his success and fame, he has stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In addition to his work as an actor, Skelton also had a career as an artist, says Wikipedia. He began painting as a hobby, and most of his artwork featured clowns. His second wife, Georgia Davis, persuaded him to show his work, and he held an exhibition at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas. Although the sales of his original paintings were successful, he went on to earn around $2.5 million a year from prints and lithographs. An art dealer said after Skelton’s death in 1997 that he believed Skelton made more money from his art than from his careers in radio and television. In his personal life, Red Skelton was married three times, and he had two children from these marriages. When he died, he had been living in California. His former horse ranch in Riverside, California, is now on the market for just under $6 million.

An Overview of Red Skelton’s Horse Ranch in Riverside

Red Skelton loved horses, and this is what inspired him to buy the horse ranch in the Anza Valley of Riverside, California, says Home Stratosphere. The property allowed the actor to spend his free time doing what he loved. In addition to the main residence, there are multiple structures with this property that all sit on the 600-acre ranch. It is the ideal property for someone with a personal love of horses or someone who wants a property from which they can operate an equestrian business.

Inside Red Skelton’s Former Home

A large white, wooden gate opens up to a dirt-covered driveway leading through the grounds to the main residence. The property is clad in wood painted in light tones, and there are steps leading to a veranda at the front of the property. The main living area of the property is a huge space that you could use in various ways. Some features of the room are the wood-paneled walls, a stone fireplace, a high vaulted ceiling, a large chandelier, beige carpet, and sliding doors leading out to the veranda. The overall style of the room is rustic. This rustic theme continues into the kitchen, which has both lower and upper wood units. The walls in the kitchen are painted white, and this matches the white countertops. There is an island to the center of the kitchen, which offers additional workspace. Although the kitchen is somewhat dated, there are modern appliances for the convenience of the homeowner. There is an informal dining area in the kitchen, which boasts a sloped, beamed ceiling, a seating area for two, and exposed brickwork on the lower walls. The eat-in kitchen boasts dual-aspect windows, so the homeowner can cook or dine while enjoying views of the hills and valley.

The Additional Buildings on the Grounds

There are multiple accommodation options with this property, so it is possible to have staff living on-site, have lots of guests to stay over or to use the buildings as part of a business venture. A bunkhouse has been converted into three studios, and it is possible to use these in various ways. Originally, they were converted into studios for use as staff quarters. However, they are just as suitable for guest accommodation. There are three further houses, including the upper guest house, the lower guest house, and the 100-year-old rock house. The latter is a pretty, single-story dwelling with a chimney, and rocks feature in the surrounding grounds to reflect the style of this structure. There is also a 10-car garage and multiple covered carports, so there is plenty of parking for the homeowner and any visitors. The upper and lower guest houses are gray, wood-clad building with two storys.

Each of these guest houses has its own garage for the convenience of those staying in the houses. They also both have their own yards enclosed with brick walls and surrounded by shrubs and trees. Most of the other structures with this property are for equestrian or agricultural purposes, including ten wells, equipment barns, hay barns, a warehouse, a stallion stable, a foaling barn, an indoor riding arena, and a three-sided walk-in shelter. The warehouse offers a huge and versatile space that can accommodate machinery, vehicles, or any items in storage. There are large double doors to the side and the front for vehicular access. In the foal barn, there are multiple stalls to accommodate several horses.

The Grounds of Red Skelton’s Impressive California Horse Ranch

Most of the 600-acre grounds of Red Skelton’s former horse ranch are devoted to equestrian activities. There are an outdoor riding arena and multiple paddocks, some areas for exercising the horses, and others that allow them to run freely. Although the horses are the focus at this ranch, there are also landscaped gardens with lush plants, shrubs, and trees. To the rear of the main residence, there is a paved area that could act as a seating or entertainment area. Throughout the grounds, there are dirt-covered tracks leading to different areas.

Who Should Buy Red Skelton’s Former Horse Ranch?

This property is ideally suited to someone who is passionate about equestrian pursuits or someone who runs an equestrian business due to the extensive land and facilities. It is also a great home for those who enjoy the outdoors or those who need additional accommodation so they can share their home with friends and family. Of course, the $5.995 million price tag of the property will reduce the number of people eligible to buy this extensive ranch.

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