Check out Scott Disick’s $7 Million House in Hidden Hills, CA

Scott Disick was just an average American until “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” catapulted him to fame since he was featured as Kourtney’s husband. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last due to Scott’s alcohol addiction. Besides going to rehab, Scott tried to prove he was a good father, so he sought a house close to the Kardashians’ home where he could get to be with his three children. Scott Disick’s house in Hidden Hills, CA gave him that chance, but now it is on the market for nearly double the price he paid for it. Let’s check out why he bought the house and what made him list it for $6.89 million in 2019.

His Attraction to the House

In April 2018, Scott Disick paid $3.235 million for a five-bedroom house in Hidden Hills. The house was put up in 1973 and comprised five bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. Some called it a love nest seeing that by then his love for Sofia Richie was burning despite Lionel Richie being against the relationship. Still, Scott was determined to be part of the Hidden Hills community due to a few reasons he explained to Architectural Digest. As a person who always attracts media attention, the house gave him lots of privacy from the prying eyes of paparazzi. The 5663 square foot house sits on a 1.33 acre and the spectacular view it affords him were the other attractions he could not forego.

When he bought the house, it had an open plan living room with a stone fireplace from where you could see the kitchen with wooden cabinetry. It also had a built-in wine fridge, master bedroom with a stone fireplace and brick walls and wood paneling. The massive backyard featured a swimming pool, spa with waterfalls and fountains, sport court, barbecue and fruit trees. As someone described as a party boy, Scott must also have fallen in love with the bar room. The main entrance was a pivot wood and glass door, above which was an arched glass window.

He Remodeled the House

Instead of the stone fireplace in the living room, Scott preferred a slate fireplace, and although he appreciated the open plan living design, he wanted more of it. Therefore he knocked down the walls on the main floor. He replaced the small portable island with a marble island and did away with the dining area; there are three seats on the island for an informal dining area and a separate formal dining room. The built-in appliances include an oven, espresso machine and sub-zero fridge. The staircase’s previous metal railing was replaced with glass while the main entrance door also incorporates glass and metal. He made use of the space under the stars by installing a wine cellar kept safe behind glass doors.

One thing you will notice on pictures in Realtor is that the house is mainly white and the walls also do not carry any art. He explained he prefers minimalism; therefore, he had to take off the many wall art pieces. Scott added that the decision to have a white with black theme is because he had previously experimented with colors. His daughter’s room, however, is an exception because it is painted pink. The formal living room drew inspiration from one he saw in France while the bedrooms were inspired by the many hotel rooms in which held he had the pleasure of sleeping.

The large windows provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Once you are tempted to explore the backyard, you will find a gas fire pit, reclaimed wood pavilion and zero-edge pool, the latter being a design he got from Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in France. The five bedrooms are en suite; Scott’s bathroom has a lounge with a fireplace, huge dual-head shower space, a walk-in closet and marble countertops.

It Was Listed in September 2019

After spending time and money renovating the house, Scott Disick was ready to reward himself with a massive profit. Therefore in September 2019, he put it up for sale with an asking price of $6.89 million. Unfortunately, he was not lucky in getting a buyer despite Fox Business hyping it as being worth over $10 million. The real estate agent, Kozet Luciano said that the high-end finishes could only be found in houses worth over $10 million, implying that the $6.89 million was a bargain.

Still, Scott Disick remained adamant about the high price until January 8, 2020, when he lowered it to $6.49 million. For reasons best known to him, this time he did not wait for months to pass by to reduce the price again; by January 31, the house was going for $6.25 million. The reduction was not persuasive to buyers; so on March 3, 2020, the listing agents took it off the market only to return it on April 9, 2020, at the same price of $6.25 million. No one is yet to take it off the hands of Scott Disick so we can only hope he gets to realize his profits.

It is not his first time being unlucky in flipping a house; although he is keen on making a living in real estate and even has a show “Flip it Like Disick.” In January 2016, soon after breaking up with Kourtney Kardashian, Scott bought a $5.96 million house also in Hidden Hills. He spent six months renovating the 8110-square foot, 6.5-bathroom, 7-bedroom mansion and listed it for $8.88 million. The two-story house still had not interested buyers; therefore, he lowered the price to $7.88 million. After the failed attempts to make a quick profit, Scott eventually resorted to renting it for $60,000 a month. He was however very particular about whom he rent it out to because he was hoping for a long term tenant. Thus, those interested in viewing had to undergo a strict vetting process.

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