Check Out Steve Martin’s $10.6 Million House in Lurin, St. Barts

Steve Martin is an actor, comedian, filmmaker, musician, and author who began his career in the entertainment industry in 1967. Although he has worked in both television and various film genres, he is probably best known for his comedic appearances in movies. Throughout his career, he has won multiple awards for his performances. His success has also made him an extremely wealthy man. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Steve Martin has a net worth of $140 million. His wealth means that Steve Martin can take his pick of luxury homes anywhere in the world. Although his main residence is in Hollywood, he also owns an island getaway in Lurin, St. Barts. It is this vacation home that he has now put on the market for the reduced price of $10.623 million.

An Overview of Steve Martin’s Island Villa

Home Stratosphere says that Steve Martin’s romantic St. Barts villa sits on a hillside perch in Lurin. Its elevated position means that it overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, the boat harbor, and pink-roofed houses below. It is a home for someone who will appreciate the beauty of this setting. Steve Martin bought the property as somewhere he could get away from the busy Hollywood lifestyle, and so that he could spend time writing. He enjoyed the privacy, security, and beauty of the location. He called the property Villa Au Soleil. Although larger than many of the neighboring properties, this four-bedroom villa has many of the external features that are typical of the area. For example, it has light-colored walls and pink-tiled roofs. It is a single-story property that sprawls across the expansive grounds. Martin put the property on the market for $11.59 million, but it did not sell. Therefore, he dropped the price to entice people to buy the stunning villa. It is now on the market for $10.623 million.

Inside the Luxurious St. Barts Property

There is an island-style throughout Steve Martin’s house, and most of the rooms have beamed ceilings. However, the house’s most notable feature is that every room has floor-to-ceiling windows that boast spectacular views of the surrounding area, including the harbor and ocean. The living room has a large bay with windows to three sides, and the bay is being used as a nook for the seating so the homeowner can sit and enjoy the room. In the living room, there is also a second seating area away from the window and an informal dining area. This room has terracotta tiles that reflect the exterior of the property. A second informal living room is used as a family room. The bright walls and terracotta tiled floors continue into this room. A large, white unit sits against one wall, and this houses a television, shelving, and storage areas.

In the kitchen, there are terracotta tiles on both the floors and the walls. The kitchen units are modern, with both lower and uppers storage units. Although the units have white surrounds, the cabinet doors are beige, and the countertops are gray. The kitchen is also fitted with modern appliances. There is a large window overlooking the gardens, and a door leading out onto the terrace. There are four bedrooms in this residence, which makes it ideal for a family or for having guests to stay. Each of the bedrooms has shutters leading to the terrace and their own outdoor shower. Each of the bedrooms is spacious, and they all have wooden flooring. The master bedroom is split-level with wooden floors. While the bed is on the upper level, there is a seating area on the lower level. While the upper level has a doorway leading to the gardens at the front of the property, the lower level has double doors leading out onto the terrace, which has outdoor showers and a private hot tub.

The Exterior of the Villa

When buying a property in St. Barts, the exterior is just as important as the interior of the property as most people on the island enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. Without a doubt, the outdoor lifestyle is something that you could enjoy at Steve Martin’s villa as it is set in stunning surroundings. The property is situated on one acre of grounds, which has wonderful views of the ocean and harbor. There are multi-level terraces, including a private terrace with outdoor showers and a hot tub. One of the best features of the exterior of this villa is the two-tiered infinity pool. Along the pool is a terraced area with seating for multiple people. There is also a caretaker’s studio on the grounds that the homeowner can use either as accommodation for staff or have guests stay over. A further structure on the grounds is a covered patio with comfortable seating. Lush shrubs surround it, and there are a terracotta-tiled walkway and steps leading to the shelter. Surrounding the house are mature trees. Not only does this add beauty to the space, but it also adds privacy to this property. While the rear of the property is open to give spectacular views, the side and front of the villa are secluded from prying eyes.

Who Should Buy Steve Martin’s St. Barts Villa?

Steve Martin’s villa has a lot to offer in terms of both the accommodation and the outdoor spaces. Now that the price tag for this stunning residence has been reduced from $11.59 million to $10.623 million, it may appeal to more people. This home will suit people who want to make the most of an outdoor lifestyle to take advantage of the amazing St. Barts’ climate.

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