Check Out Mark Cuban’s New $19 Million Laguna Beach Home

Do you have a great idea or invention? Then you may want to try to get an appearance on the acclaimed, Shark Tank, the show where inventors and entrepreneurs try to sway investors to back their idea or product, and if you are lucky enough to get one of the “Sharks” to back you, maybe that shark will be Mark Cuban. Mark Cuban’s wealth has reached into the billions, so it’s no wonder that he can afford such a lavish home as this $19 Million dollar Laguna Beach home. The home is loaded with an abundance of amenities that make this home one of the most posh homes in the area. Not only does the home have its own amenities, but Cuban has access to all the amenities available to the Montage Laguna Beach guests. For instance, Cuban has the availability to use his own private pool, or he may choose to use the pool and spa at the hotel if he’s feeling sociable. He can also enlist the services of the hotel’s maid and concierge services. To top it off, Cuban doesn’t have to worry about trying to hire outside workers if something starts to go wrong with his home, instead, all Cuban needs to do is contact the hotel’s engineering support services and they’ll make a call to the house.

Cuban’s home amenities include a beautiful media room, a personal gym, a wine cellar that’s sure to impress, plus lots of in and outdoor space that allows you to enjoy the breathtaking views of the ocean all around. If you’re interested to see the inside of this amazing California dream home, then keep scrolling and check out Mark Cuban’s new $19 Million Laguna Beach home.

The family room has a sunken sitting area, surrounded by beautiful wood all around. It’s also the perfect space for the L-shaped sofa that wraps around the space and looks perfect for kicking back to watch TV from any of the three wall-hanging flat screen TV’s. Cuban can entertain friends and family in this cozy little set-up, especially with the home bar just off to the side where you can fill and refill your glasses while watching Cuban’s favorite show, Shark Tank, or just visiting with his closest friends and family.

Talk about warm and cozy, the elongated fireplace set in a marble wall is not only gorgeous, but it is definitely a place you would want to chill on a chilly night. The cream colored sofa and chair are paired with other neutral tones, including a beautiful light area rug in the middle of the space. From this room, you get some of the gorgeous views of the ocean off in the distance, and if you want a closer look of the sunset over the water, you can watch from inside, or step out to the gorgeous patio and take all the beauty in while taking in the sounds and smells of the beach and water.

This simple yet elegant dining area boasts beautiful hardwoods, a small, round glass-top table with a simple ball pendant light hanging about. On all sides of the room there are large doorways that lead to either an adjacent room, and one door at the end of the room that takes you out to an outdoor patio. It looks like Cuban has some interesting large pieces of artwork that he’s hung in this uniquely shaped room and I’m sure there is a lot more all throughout his amazing beach home.

There’s nothing like taking in an ocean view over breakfast, lunch or dinner, and that’s exactly what you get when you spend meal time here in this light, bright and airy kitchen that’s been decorated all in neutral tones. Sitting at the island bar for a cup of coffee or a meal looks more than comfortable in the beautifully designed bar chairs, especially because just off to the side are giant sliders that can be opened to give you the feeling like you’re dining by the beach as the ocean air and smells gently trail in. What’s not to love about this kitchen with a view? I sure can’t think of anything.

Wine anyone? If you are interested in wine tasting while visiting Mark Cuban, he’s got an incredible collection that he can show you and maybe even let you taste test a few bottles. This incredible wine cellar is beyond amazing with its balance of design elements of glass and hardwoods throughout. The cellar is also fully furnished with luxurious pieces of furniture that make spending time in the cellar enjoying a bottle of wine with friends, even more pleasurable.

The master bedroom is a gorgeous setup with the emerald and gold tones he’s chosen that compliment the colors of the ocean scenery perfectly. Cuban has got the most relaxing view to wake up to, and fall asleep to, not to mention all the beautiful sounds of the ocean that he can easily allow into his room simply by sliding open the over-sized glass sliders that seem to seamlessly connect his room with the amazing view outside.

Cuban has the best of both worlds with his personal swimming pool just off his master bedroom and living room. The serene, crystal blue water looks inviting and it’s the perfect place to unwind either sitting around the pool in the elegant pool deck furniture or by taking a dip in the pool to relax and cool off after a long day filming an episode of Shark Tank. While their might be real live sharks in the water just beyond his stunning home, this gorgeous blue water appears to be shark-free, and oh-so-inviting.

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