Check Out Artist Daniel Arsham’s Beautiful Long Island Escape


Born in 1980 in Cleveland, Ohio, Daniel Arsham is an American artist that currently lives in New York City, however, he as a beautiful family getaway that sits about an hour outside New York City where he and his family love to retreat to on most weekends, and in the summer. He has discussed this beautiful 1971, 2,200 square feet getaway home that he’s renovated, and his renovations keep with the traditions of the era, yet now have more modern updates that make for a more comfortable living space. All of the updates have only added to the charm of the home, and he’s given a tour of some of the most spectacular rooms of the home. So check out artist Daniel Arsham’s beautiful Long Island escape.

Entrance and walkway

What a grand entrance to walk this wooden bridge/walkway, passing over the gravel landscape below with majestic boulders and unique statues. The walk way leads to the front door and entry way leading into the living room where you see that it is a wonderful traditional sunken living room, a look that was very popular in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Arsham has said that he actually lowered the space by two-feet for a more spacious look and feel. He re-did the sofa so that it is more comfortable for lounging on, and even designed an ottoman large enough for the family of four to all lay on when watching a Star Wars marathon.


The elevated kitchen flooring area had been slate tile and was all ripped up and replaced with a beautiful Terrazzo tile that adds a vintage look and works beautifully with the cedar walls and wood table and chair set. The over-sized windows allow for a full view of the gorgeous landscape and outdoor patio, so you get a meal with a view everyday. The retro-style hanging light over the table adds to the vintage look and helps to tie the flooring in with the ceiling.

Master bedroom

The master bedroom was made extra large by removing several other rooms, including two bathrooms, another bedroom and a laundry room. By removing these rooms, it enabled Arsham to not only increase the size of the room, but it allowed him to increase the size of his master bathroom, as well as add an office and gym. He discusses the elements of the room as being Japanese inspired due to the fact that his wife is Japanese/French, so it was only natural to incorporate the look of her heritage into the room, for a modern Asian look.

Master bath

The use of wood throughout the master bathroom, paired with terrazzo flooring is a beautiful design combination. There are a lot of Asian elements that were carried into the master bath to keep the flow of the design look consistent, such as the back-lit cedar wood-planked walls that illuminate the custom-tub area, and are beautifully reflected in picturesque mirror that hangs above. The Asian-styled chair and vanity are a quaint Asian design and the simple lighting design is used throughout.

Wet bar

The wet bar is another example of Asian design, using a brightly colored blue paint for the backsplash and sliding door panels. The wet bar is small, but has all you need to serve up a round of drinks for friends and family when they come to visit. Hints of oriental decor items, including Asian designed fans, are displayed the shelves and counter-top.


The office is a beautiful space for reading or working with it’s simplistic look, skylights and windows that peek from between shelves on the built-in shelving unit. The uniquely designed desk was designed by Arsham, himself, and is a focal point of the room on the light oak wood floor. You can see a lot of unique statues and other decor pieces that sit among the books on the shelving unit, all of which have some great story behind, no doubt.

When you’re an artist, you get to use your talent to beautify your own home the way you would any client of yours, and that’s exactly what Arsham has done. He has taken his talent to create a spectacular getaway home for he and his wife and two young sons, Daniel and Casper, making it a beautiful, relaxing place to retreat to when the city starts to feel hectic and chaotic.

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