Check out Tiffani Amber Thiessen’s 1920s Los Angeles Home

Tifany Amber Theissen is an American actress who has had a number of popular roles over the years, including the role of Kelly Kapowski on NBC’s Saved by the Bell, and her very popular role of Valerie Malone on FOX’s infamous Beverly Hills 90210. These breakthrough shows catapulted Theissen into more roles on TV shows and made-for-TV movies, including big screen films, like the 1993, Son in Law, and Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth, 2000. Her talent has lead her down a successful acting road, and her natural beauty made her an instant hit with millions of fans, especially male fans. Theissen doesn’t only possess a knack for fashion and beauty, but for interior decorating when it comes to her and Brady Smith’s 1920’s era Los Angeles home.

From outside-in, you’ll see the many charming details that make the home inviting and super cozy. Once owned by the Hollywood studios founder, Jack Warner, the home is a perfect entertaining home with tons of space on its one-acre lot. It may look old and charming on the outside, but on the inside, Theissen has done a marvelous job renovating the home and bringing it up-to-date with the latest styles and fashions of home decor. Keep scrolling and check out Tiffani Amber Thiessen’s 1920s Los Angeles home.

Theissen’s 1920’s home has a warm and cozy entrance. You can see the years of wear in the old red bricks that lead up to the door, one of the charming signs of the home’s old age. Another charming feature you see before you even enter the home, is the pitch black Contrasting to the red bricks is the dark black pergola and front door, which features a peek window and old-fashioned door knocker.

Quaint and casual, the outdoor eating area is arranged on a graveled patio just off the back brick porch. The beautiful farm-style table seats eight, which is just the number of wicker chairs you’ll find placed around it. To add color to the neutral tones of the set, Tiffani has used large, striped throw cushions for the end chairs to brighten the set.

Cooking in this kitchen would be any cook’s, or mom’s dream come true. Bright, airy and cheery, all the natural light streaming in from the windows above the sink and far counters, really brighten the space, which not to mention, there is plenty of space in this room to brighten. Take a look at the size of the cooking island. Theissen not only has plenty of room to prepare meals on the grand center island, but she can actually cook on it too, if you noticed the burners set in the middle. She doesn’t have to go far to eat what she prepares, either. Check out the uniquely styled bar stools at the end of the counter. It’s a comfortable spot to grab a quick bite wither her mate, or her kids.

Theissen’s daughter’s room is fit for a princess. What little girl wouldn’t love this room? It’s as elegant as it is “girly,” not to mention it’s big enough to house a huge sleepover for all her friends. The stark white walls are complimented with pops of colors, like pinks and yellows, and a neutral tone, fuzzy area rug is spread under the bed, the perfect place to sit and play or read a good book, picked right off the open shelves. French doors and large windows let enough natural light into the room, there’s hardly need for artificial lighting during the day.

The color combinations in this sitting area are rich and deep. The eyes are naturally drawn to the dark contrast colors of blues, silver and black mixed with rich golds and green hues in the large wall art. The sofa is loaded with an arrangement of throw pillows to cozy-up with when lounging on the couch, and to get even more comfortable, who wouldn’t want to kick their feet up on the fuzzy white Ottoman that’s not only practical, but super stylish.

Another picture of Tiffani’s kitchen lets you see a closer look at her beautiful stainless appliances. Double stacked ovens with a warming drawer look sleek against the white cabinetry and green tiled backsplash. A built-in burner and sink give Tiffani added ease of cooking and clean-up in the same area. Fresh cut tulips are the perfect way to brighten any counter space and add a touch of color.

Theissen probably feels like she’s at the spa every time she steps into her master bath, which is what she intended to create. The over-sized soaking tub sitting on a porcelain floor that was designed to look like natural wood. To the side of the tub is a double shower, and a lime colored ladder doubles as both an accent decor piece, and towel rack. Above the tub, glass bulbs hang by knotted ropes from the ceiling and are filled with dried flowers and greenery – a great idea for creating a beautiful visionary to look at while laying back in this lavish tub.

Tiffani may seem like a city girl, but there’s a little country in her too. Yes, the couple have a couple of chickens that give them fresh farm eggs, and to make it more interesting, she claims that each of their own chickens produce different colored eggs, and it looks like they’ve chosen quite a unique little name for their egg laying business.

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