What Types Of Exterior Doors Are Best For Your Home?

Exterior doors are more than just entry and exit points. They can add curb while keeping your family members safe and secure as they bar unlawful entry of criminals and intruders in your house with a locking mechanism. So, when there comes a time when you need to replace your worn out exterior door due to aging factor or buy completely new ones for your new project, you need to be very careful in the door selection phase as they can either result in a good investment or bad.

With countless options available in the market, you first need to make a comprehensive analysis of the on-going trends and compare and contrast them against your preferences in order to make the final door decision. This indicates that you need to shortlist door vendors that can meet your expectations and filter out the best possible candidate that can provide you quality exterior doors that you wish to install in the front, or back of your home.  Here are the various types of exterior doors that could work:


Undoubtedly, wooden exterior doors provide a luxury look and feel that other materials try to mimic. Veterans say that ‘perhaps no material can match the aesthetical appeal that wood provides as it has long known to add unparalleled curb appeal that leaves a lasting impression on the minds of neighbours, onlookers, especially investors and realtors who may intend to buy your house. Besides adding the artistic taste, the wooden exterior doors a sturdy, which means they are least likely to dent. Plus, they are also best at resisting wear and tear and can you for a long period of time. Trust me, they can provide you a great value for money and perhaps no one can deny this fact.


According to a study, nearly 50% of people or homeowners wish to choose steel exterior doors as they provide a greater sense of safety and security. Typically, they are considered a one-time investment, which means they can serve you for a long-term under normal situations and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Since costs play a predominant role in the door selection phase, steel doors are relatively inexpensive than pricier wooden doors and fiberglass. Also, they have lesser maintenance and upkeep costs. Those people or homeowners who least care about their exterior doors, steel doors are an ideal option for them.


Since interior and exterior door come in a wide continuum of door materials, one material that is the practical choice for most people is this fiberglass. They come in different styles and designs, out of which embossed wood-grain texture is most common. The best part is that the designing on the smooth fiberglass surface looks more like real wood, providing you a distinctive advantage over all other materials at affordable prices. Also, fiberglass exterior doors can be painted and can resist wear and tear better than steel or glass material. Plus, they can custom tailored to your specific door needs and specification, ultimately improving the aesthetical or curb appeal of your house.

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