10 Decorating Tips That Top Designers Swear By

Due to COVID-19 there are a lot of people stuck inside their homes around the world. That means now is a good time for them to get decorating for two reasons. One, chances are good that they have some spare time on their hands, meaning that it is best to put it to productive use.

Two, chances are good that they are going to be spending a lot of time staring at their decorations, meaning that it is best to make them as pleasing to their particular preferences as possible.

Fortunately, there is a lot of information out there on how to decorate, so interested individuals should have no problems finding potential sources of inspiration. Here are 10 decorating tips that can prove useful for interested individuals:

1. Declutter

There is nothing wrong with a smaller, cozier space. However, cozy isn’t the same as cramped and closed-in, which is what happens when people let clutter build up in their home without clearing it out.

Generally speaking, if someone hasn’t used something in 12 months’ time, they should give some serious thought to whether they have a real reason to hang on to it or not. If not, interested individuals have a number of options for getting rid of such useless items, with examples including selling them, donating them, and even tossing them out.

By making sure to declutter on a regular basis, people can keep their spaces both open and spacious rather than cramped and closed-in, thus making them that much more livable.

2. Contrasts and Complements

Both contrasts and complements can be put to excellent use in a living space. The first is useful for enabling each component to stand out, thus making them that much more noticeable to the senses.

Meanwhile, the second is useful for enabling each component to harmonize with one another, thus making for a whole that is much more than the mere sum of its parts. Please note that contrasts and complements are by no means limited to colors but instead extend to other factors such as sizes, shapes, and materials as well.

3. Have a Style In Mind

It is a good idea for interested individuals to have some kind of style in mind when they are decorating. This is useful for providing their results with a sense of coherence. Something that is very important because a chaotic mishmash of elements can be eye-searing.

4. Consider Dislikes Rather than Likes

Theoretically, interested individuals should choose their decorations based on what they like. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult for people to figure out what they like, particularly if they don’t know all of the possibilities that exist out there.

Instead, it is much easier for interested individuals to figure out what they don’t like so that they can eliminate such choices from consideration. The smaller the number of potential choices, the simpler it will become to choose between them.

5. Choose Elements Based On the Size of the Space

The size of the space should be an important consideration when choosing elements. For instance, it makes no sense for someone to choose a particularly huge piece of furniture for a particularly small room, not least because it would take up limited space that could be put to other uses. Of course, the reverse is no better, meaning that interested individuals should always go for elements that are appropriately sized.

6. Test Out Paints

It is very important for interested individuals to test out the paints that they use for their spaces. This is because the paints that they think will look good are by no means guaranteed to actually look good in the context that they are planning to use them.

As such, it is a matter of common sense for interested individuals to see what their intended paints will look like before proceeding further, lest they wind up wasting precious time and effort on painting schemes that won’t work for them.

Naturally, since this is the case, interested individuals should make sure to examine their intended painting schemes under different lighting as well in order to develop a complete understanding of what they look like.

7. Don’t Get Too Obsessed with Bigger Price Tags

There are some people who choose to decorate their spaces using the most expensive elements that they can find. This is a bad idea because the most expensive elements are by no means guaranteed to be the most appropriate elements for interested individuals’ personal preferences for the room in question. Instead, interested individuals should make their choices based on aesthetics rather than price tag save for making sure that everything still fits within their budgetary limits.

8. Start with the Floor

It can be difficult for interested individuals to choose a place to start when it comes to their decorating. As such, one potential course of action is to start with the floor. After which, interested individuals can get started on the rest of the room with their flooring choices serving as a kind of foundation for everything else.

Having said that, while the floor tends to be underfoot most of the time, it is nonetheless very important. Due to this, interested individuals should definitely put in the time and effort needed to choose something that will work well with everything else that they have in mind.

9. Don’t Overdo Things

Sometimes, it is the simpler, less expensive solutions that are best. For instance, if someone has a cabinet that they want to refresh, they don’t necessarily have to install a new set of cabinet hardware on the piece. Instead, they might be able to get what they want by just giving their cabinet a new coat of paint.

10. Don’t Do Everything At Once

On a final note, interested individuals shouldn’t decorate their rooms all at once. Instead, they should do things bit by bit over time. This way, they can develop a better understanding of how their decorating choices are working out for them, which in turn, should enable them to make adjustments for a better and better fit over time.

For that matter, it should be mentioned that how a person uses a particular room can change over time, meaning that they need to have a good understanding of this if they want to be able to make the appropriate choices.

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