20 Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Living Room

Fall is in the air, crisp, cool and full of colors that only fall can display. Fall is one of the most fun times of the year to decorate your home and bring a little of the season into your home so you can feel the spirit of the change of season inside. You get lots of colors, textures and decorative themes to work with when decorating in the fall. Your living room is one of the most used rooms in the house. It’s where the family gathers for relaxing, watching TV, visiting, and entertaining. You worked hard to create a warm, welcoming room that everyone wants to be in, now you can make it look and feel even warmer and more festive by decorating the room for the fall season. If you love to incorporate the colors of the fall season into your living room but want some new ideas on what may work for your living room, then read on and see if the following tips will give you inspiration.

Utilize all aspects of the room

Decorating for fall doesn’t mean that you only have to use a table top or a corner in the room. You have lots of areas that can be used for fall décor, including wall space, floor space, tables, pieces of your furniture, and a fireplace, (if you have one). Be creative when thinking about the seasonal colors and types of things that remind you of fall. Decorating for fall doesn’t mean you have to stick to traditional items such as, orange pumpkins on a table top. For instance, try changing out some of your wall hangings to more fallish type pictures and colors. Even a fall-looking clock with pictures or wall art that depict autumn colors surrounding the clock, can bring fall into your living room to add a fall focal point. Or you may want to create your own fall wreath to display on a wall or over the fireplace.


If you have throw pillows on your couch, loveseat, or chairs, change your everyday pillows out for more fall-themed throw pillows to add a bit of the seasonal spirit into your room. Choose pillows with bursts of all colors such as reds, golds, browns, orange, and deep greens. A beautiful fall throw over the back of the couch or draped over the back of a chair, can tie together with the pillows.

Centerpieces and table top décor

One of the most popular ways to decorate your living room for fall is by setting out fall décor pieces and creating centerpieces for tabletops. Centerpieces and arrangements for tables, are one way to draw the eye in to an eyelevel focal point. If you have more than one table, try creating a bigger fall display on the main table, and smaller arrangements or displays for smaller tables throughout the room. Remember that if you use the tables for setting drinks or other items on, you will want to keep the functionality of the table in mind so as not to make unusable. Common fall tabletop displays include, fall-colored candles, greenery with fall-colored leaves, small pumpkins or gourds, Mums and any other fall inspired décor item. Arrange your pieces on your different tables, even the fireplace mantle, to create a beautiful fall scene or display for the season

For more fall décor ideas, take a look at the following 20 fall decorating ideas for your living room to help inspire you for the season.

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