What Should You Put In a Guest Room Toiletries Basket?

A guest room is supposed to be a home away from home. As a result, it needs a wide range of things to make people comfortable. For instance, you should put together a toiletries basket if you haven’t already done so.

Ideally, people will have brought those things with them. Unfortunately, not everyone remembers to do so. Due to this, a toiletries basket can save people a great deal of inconvenience, thus making for a better experience.

Here are the things that should be included in a guest room toiletries basket:

Bar Soap

Soap is a must-have. After all, it makes it much easier for people to keep themselves clean. If you want to keep things simple, choose bar soap because of its versatility.

Some people have strong preferences when it comes to scent. In contrast, other people don’t care much one way or the other. Consider choosing unscented soap for the broadest appeal.

Body Wash

Get body wash in addition to bar soap if you don’t mind making things a bit more complicated. Some care a great deal about the differences between the two. Healthline says that both clean using much the same process. However, body wash contains ingredients that address common skin conditions hand soap does not.

As a result, it is better for people suffering from those issues, whereas its counterpart is better for those concerned about allergic responses and environmental impact.

Skin Lotion

As a bonus, consider including skin lotion in the toiletries basket. It isn’t as necessary as the other items on this list, but that is why its inclusion shows care and consideration. Simply put, a lot of people take skincare with extreme seriousness.

That makes sense because it is one of our most important organs. Moreover, Everyday Health points out that skincare comes with mental health benefits.

One example is how it creates a sense of routine, while another is how it unleashes mood-boosting chemicals in the brain.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Of course, you should include shampoo and conditioner in the toiletries basket. Yes, people can wash their hair using soap. However, chances are good that they won’t be happy about it.

As a result, it makes sense to include shampoo and conditioner in the toiletries basket for a two-in-one effect. Once again, be careful when choosing a scent.

Shower Cap

Moisture can be surprisingly damaging to hair. Due to this, some people like to wear shower caps to prevent that from happening. Luckily, including a shower cap in the toiletries basket is as easy as it gets.


Dental hygiene is critical. After all, it is connected to the rest of a person’s health, meaning neglecting it increases the chances for a surprising range of troublesome medical conditions.

Furthermore, everyone should recognize that fuzzy unpleasantness on their teeth in the morning. Something that becomes that much more so when allowed to spread unchecked. As such, a toothbrush is another must-have in the toiletries basket. Indeed, consider adding an extra as a just-in-case precaution.


Surprisingly, Colgate says you can brush your teeth without toothpaste. Still, most people aren’t going to enjoy the experience, particularly since it will feel so strange.

This means that toothpaste makes for a natural pairing with a toothbrush. It makes for better-smelling breath, increased cleanliness, and all-around improved results.

Hand Towels

Strictly speaking, people don’t need hand towels because there are numerous ways they can make do. However, that doesn’t mean they will want to do so. Your guest room should have extra hand towels so that your guest will have enough for whatever use they have in mind. People tend not to like asking for extra hand towels, so it is best to save them the need to do so.

Bath Towels

Anyone staying in your guest room is also going to need bath towels. Once again, you would do well to provide extras. People tend not to like asking for extra hand towels, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that most feel much the same way when it comes to bath towels.


Tissues are another thing that isn’t necessary but is nonetheless convenient. Due to this, you can put some packets in the toiletries basket. If you think that won’t be enough, you can always put a box of tissues in your guest room.

Toilet Paper

Guests particularly don’t like asking for more toilet paper. The easiest solution is to ensure that your guest room has extra rolls in either the toiletries basket or some other convenient location. That should save your guest from experiencing any embarrassment related to the matter.

What Are Some Other Things to Consider Including in Your Guest Room?

Toiletries aren’t the only things that make for a superior guest experience. As a result, you would do well to look into other things that make your guest more comfortable. One example would be water.

You can take care of this by leaving out some bottles of water. Alternatively, there is always the option of a carafe plus a set of cups. Making water available is critical because people can get thirsty at inconvenient times. Furthermore, they might need it to take their medications, which people are often reluctant to share with others.

On a related note, you should also consider leaving something for your guest to snack on, though this can be much trickier. Water is water. Unfortunately, one snack isn’t the same as another snack, thus making choosing the right one more difficult than people would like.

Other than this, look into more ways to make your guest’s stay better for them. Leaving the Wi-Fi password out on a table is highly recommended, particularly since everyone and everything is so reliant on the Internet nowadays. Similarly, consider handing them a spare set of keys so they can travel as they please.

That is a huge show of trust, so carefully evaluate the pros and cons before making that decision. You want to give your guest a good experience, but you don’t want to cause problems for yourself in the process.

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