How Much Should You Spend on a Guest Room Mattress?

A guest room is a kind of bedroom. Due to this, you need to choose the right mattress for it because that is central to its intended purpose. Yes, a designated sleeping space can still serve as such without a bed. Unfortunately, many guests will develop a negative impression if forced to make do with such arrangements. As such, a guest room should have a guest room mattress.

Here are some suggestions for figuring out how much to spend on a guest room mattress:

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It Is a Luxury

One of the most fundamental money management skills is distinguishing between necessities and luxuries. There is a reason why Money Crashers and other money management websites mention it so much. Fortunately, it is easy to tell which of the two categories a guest room mattress falls into. Guest rooms are always luxuries because they wouldn’t have that name if they weren’t. By extension, their contents are also luxuries.

That changes how you should think about budgeting for your guest room mattress. You don’t need to have one. Ultimately, if your guest room becomes too expensive, you can do away with it altogether. Space is limited. If nothing else, you always have the option of turning it into a storage room.

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Consider the Intended Users

People can have different users in mind for their guest rooms. Sometimes, they are meant for occasional visits from friends and family. Other times, they are meant for regular renting to strangers. Whatever the case, knowledge of the intended users should influence the decision-making process.

For instance, there isn’t much point in buying a high-end mattress if it will remain unused most of the time. Sleep Foundation says usage patterns have an enormous effect on a mattress’s longevity. Still, a high-end mattress that remains unused for the most part will accumulate wear and tear, eroding its value even though it isn’t providing much value in exchange.

General VS Specialized Usefulness

On a related note, knowing the intended users makes it much easier to decide whether to get something for a specific individual or the general population. Generally speaking, you want a mattress well-suited for the latter. Still, there are cases of guest rooms being meant for specific individuals with somewhat unusual preferences, who interested individuals might want to cater to.

Regardless, start by looking into full-sized mattresses. That should strike a good balance between sizes that are too big and sizes that are too small. You don’t want an oversized mattress because most guest rooms are on the smaller end of things. Simultaneously, you don’t want an undersized mattress because people often find them uncomfortable.

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Moving on, look into hybrid mattresses. They have a reputation for being comfortable while remaining supportive. That is important because people tend to dislike sleeping in beds that are too hard or too soft. With that said, the feel of the mattress is more important than the material of the mattress. As such, if you can get the right balance without choosing a hybrid mattress, you shouldn’t hesitate to go for it.

Besides these, there is a wide range of other factors that can prove relevant. For instance, if you are hosting couples rather than individuals, you should consider getting a motion-isolating mattress. Mattress Advisor says individuals can still benefit from these mattresses, particularly if they are prone to tossing and turning at night. Still, a motion-isolating mattress is best for couples who don’t share sleep schedules because its properties should reduce the chances of one waking the other.

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Avoid the Cheapest Options

It makes sense to save when choosing a guest room mattress. However, you should avoid the cheapest options out there. Generally speaking, that means two things. First, you shouldn’t buy used mattresses. Most people find it difficult to gauge the remaining expected lifespan of these purchases, thus making it hard for them to tell what they are getting for their money.

On top of that, used mattresses often serve as a means of transportation for unwanted guests. Bed bugs are notorious for surviving months without food, thus explaining one of the reasons why they can make their way from home to home with such ease. Even worse, they are far from being the only pests that can spread this way.

Second, you shouldn’t buy the cheapest new mattresses because that has a high chance of being a bad deal. People shouldn’t treat buying a mattress as a one-time cost. Some of these products can last much longer than others, thus enabling them to provide prolonged usefulness.

If you get a mattress that wears out too fast, you get little value for your money. Moreover, you will have to replace it by making another purchase once it has run its course. The only time when you can treat buying a mattress as a one-time cost is when you plan to use it for just a short while. Most people don’t fit that description, so most people shouldn’t follow that practice.

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Go For Something in the Mid to High Hundreds

Based on this, you should consider going for something in the mid to high hundreds. That should be enough for a decent-sized, good-quality mattress that can serve its role in your guest bedroom for years and years to come.

Still, feel free to choose something more or less expensive because you know your desires for your guest room better than anyone else.

Of course, you shouldn’t hesitate to look for opportunities to get a better deal on what you have in mind. If you are expecting guests right away, you are under time pressure to get a good guest room mattress sooner rather than later.

In contrast, if you can afford to wait, you should wait until you see a choice opportunity presenting itself. It isn’t uncommon to see mattress stores hosting sales. Depending on what you have in mind, you can save hundreds of dollars on your purchase, meaning it makes financial sense to bide your time.

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