10 Summer Decorating Ideas For Staying Inside

Summer is only weeks away, and the bad news is that it may find most of us chilling indoors due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Usually, it is the time of the year, where we spend much time outside, taking advantage of the calm environment and sunny days. However, not all fun is lost as there are several indoor activities you can take part in and enjoy your summer. You can use your home as a canvas for summer decorating ideas if you have an artistic bone. Here are 10 decoration ideas to try out this summer indoors.

1. Bring Flowers into the Mix

According to Dig This Design, flowers are one sure way to liven and brighten up your house. They bring a natural essence to your space, and an aroma that makes your indoor stay fulfilling. There are several flower varieties that you may opt for depending on your taste. They are easy to grow and maintain, where you need a few minutes daily to water your plant. However, ensure that no one in your house is allergic to pollen as they may suffer allergies due to exposure.

2. Paint the House

One of the most common ways to decorate your home is by applying a coat of paint. The painting in your house is a reflection of your persona and your preference; hence, take your time when coming up with a color scheme. The good thing with painting your home is that you can always cover up mistakes if you have the resources with you. You can try painting as a great do-it-yourself project and even encourage your children to help you out. It is a great pastime activity that provides you with ample bonding time.

3. Lighten up the House

You can hardly go wrong when you decide to go all creative with lights as part of your summer decoration ideas. You can put light bulbs in various areas around your home to achieve the perfect ambiance, especially at night. In your house, multi-color bulbs can do the trick. Mild colors are the ideal choice as they bring an excellent air of relaxation in the house. The bulb designs can also be a form of decoration, where they bring artistic essence to your indoor space.

4. Throw in Some Art Pieces

According to the blog section of Country Classics, you can bring your summer environment indoors if you can’t experience it outdoors. The shortcut is to bring in some art pieces to depict the summer environment. If you are good at painting, you can bring your paintbrushes and let your mind wander outside and transfer your thoughts to your canvas. It makes for a pleasant pastime activity, especially with the boredom of staying indoors for a long time. If you cannot paint, you can buy some by ordering them from online stores.

5. Accessorize the House

Another summer decorating idea is by accessorizing your house. Some curtain change can be an excellent move, where you may opt for translucent blinders to let in the sunny glamour that comes with the summer. Add some mats and carpets too, particularly in the living room, to get your desired outlook.

6. Mirror Your Room

A mirror is one of those household items that are highly underrated but when you look at various situations, it may come in handy. You can have mirrors in your wall to accentuate other decorations that your house sports, such as a vibrant paint scheme. Mirrors make your room appear more extensive, and you can also admire your image on them. Get decently sized pieces and put them in various places in your living room and corridor. You can also have a mid-sized one in your kitchen.

7. Bring in Some DIY Furniture

DIY pieces bring an essence of personalization to your items. If you opt for furniture items, they provide an element of artistry that you and your guests can appreciate. Pallet furniture is among the easiest to pull through as your summer decorating project. There are many things to craft using pallet pieces such as tables, chairs, beds, and outdoor benches.

8. Put a Focus on your Windows

The window is an essential part of your house that lets in light and gives you a hint of how the outdoors feels. When you are indoors during the summer, you can brighten the view by tweaking the window a little bit. Some plants, either on the outside or inside, can work ideally to create a shade or a perfect natural contrast for the light making its way to our room. You may also add some decorations such as pottery items and weavings around the window region to show off your knack for artistry.

9. Re-use Old Items

Interior decoration calls for creativity, and old items are excellent items to try out new ideas. Look for things that you would otherwise trash, such as old wine bottles, aged ceramic pieces, and many more. The old wine pieces with some woven materials over them make up for awesome table decorations. The same applies to ceramic pieces, which you can smoothen up and add to your flower vase or fish tank.

10. Bring Some Pets To The Mix

Pets can also improve the aesthetic appeal of your indoor space. These are mostly the pets with an impressive aesthetic appeal such as goldfish, koi fish, and maybe parrots. They look beautiful, and can exude their beauty to your house, more so in your living room.


Summer is almost here, though this year, the scenario will most likely be different from other seasons due to the enforced quarantine. However, you can still enjoy your time indoors by taking part in various summer decorating exercises. Highlighted are some of the ideas to look at to improve the beauty of your home. Most of the ideas are easy to tackle, and you can bring in your family members for a fantastic bonding time.

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