Sheryl Crow’s Nashville Home is Something To Behold


Sheryl Crow is one of the most popular female singer/songwriters worldwide. She has currently sold over 50 million albums and her music style is well-rounded and consists of rock, pop, country, jazz, and Crow even sings the Blues. Crow not only a collector of music styles, but she is an avid collector of all things unique, weird, and even creepy. Crow owns a beautiful home on 50-acres of property outside of Nashville where she lives with her two sons, Levi and Wyatt, and her dog Jewels. The home is spectacular from inside out, with lots of space for her family to live and grow together. Sheryl Crow gave a tour of the inside of her home and you’ll be amazed at the beautiful architectural details and decor ideas throughout. Here’s a peek inside Sheryl Crow’s Nashville home, and it is something to behold.


The floor plan flows throughout the home, which is one of the home’s best features. Crow describes the living room as being the main hub for her and her boys to spend time in. The two French country sofas were arranged to face each other for a purpose. She didn’t want the room centered around a television set, but instead, for family time and visiting. A coffee table sits between them and it’s where she and her boys spend their time playing games. The sofa table behind the sofa boasts stacks of books that surround two important letters, L and W, each being the initials of her boys; Wyatt and Levi. The wooden beams patterned on the ceiling and dark wood floors give the room a warm, cozy feel, and two sets of doors lead outdoors, one to an outdoor den, and the other, to the backyard.



Breakfast nook

Powder room

A lot about the small bathroom was the way it is now when the home was purchased, for instance, the mirror is something already hung over the old style chest and sink. And she kept the toilet, which she says is an old toilet with the flusher being a plunge-flusher on the top of the tank. You can see in the reflection of the mirror, a couple of old 19th-century paintings which Crow says were typically given to Peasant hunters if they won. Other decor items in the room were items she’s found throughout her stops at different antique and vintage stores, from here and there.

Screened porch

Another favorite room for Crow and her boys is the screened porch. Here is the room they use most during fall to build fires in the fireplace and listen to the birds outside. You can see lots of antique decor items all around, including a statue of a horse on the far table and accented by two mirrors just above. A birdhouse designed as an old schoolhouse, sits on the hearth and the clock above the fireplace is a ceramic face of a French clock she’s had for years, she says.

Music studio

You wouldn’t expect a musician to have a home without a music studio. Crow’s studio sits above a fully working barn and stalls and had the studio above soundproofed to the degree, that she has been able to use it for recording albums. As a matter-of-fact, her last three albums were recorded at her home studio. You can see many of the instruments used sitting in the room, and the beautiful piano has a view of the yard below. There’s a wall full of guitars that hang displayed, but only when they’re not being used. According to Crow, they all get used at some point.


Aside having ten working horse stalls, there is also a saloon with a sitting area and full working bar in the same building. Crow decorated the room with lots of unique antique signs, a game wheel, and old wagon wheel over the mantel that only adds more charm to the rustic feel of the room. Crow explained how the saloon is the perfect place for her and her crew to sit, relax with a drink and discuss albums and other music business.


Have you ever known someone to have their own little chapel erected right on their own property? Sheryl Crow has and it looks just like an old historic chapel from decades ago. Stone steps lead up to the beautiful wood doors of  the quaint chapel. Inside, the beautiful wood beams, flooring, doors, and the stained glass window were all found and purchased on eBay. Crow has an extensive collection of unique statues and other collectibles she displays inside the chapel. This is where she comes when she needs her quiet time; to think, read, or mediate, on her own, or with a group.


The barn is painted a beautiful lush green that pairs well with the stunning pergola and beam entrance. A pair of gliders sit on porch on either side of the entrance, and this is where Crow says she loves to sit and watch her two boys play outdoors. The quaint setting looks peaceful and picturesque, and it’s no wonder this is one of her favorite spots to sit and relax.

You can see more of Sheryl Crow’s amazing 50-acre Nashville estate at Architectural Digest, and watch a personal guided tour of her favorite rooms in the home.

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