Check Out Cristina Carlino’s $22.1 Million Brentwood Home

Donna Summer sang about a girl who worked hard for her money and deserved to be treated right. However, sometimes you do not have to wait around for other people to recognize your hard work; you have to pat yourself on the back and maybe get that house you have been eyeing for a while. Take Cristina Carlino; she worked hard to build her company and sold it for millions, so she has recently rewarded herself with a Los Angeles house. Check out Cristina Carlino’s $22.1 million Brentwood home, and maybe you will be inspired to have your house looking like a million dollars.

Sneak Peek into Carlino’s Brentwood Home

According to Dirt, Carlino recently bought the 22.1 million-dollar home and became neighbors to LeBron James and Dan Houser. The house is a 10,000-square-foot mansion painted in neutral tones, mostly light grey with a touch of soft whites, disrupted by dark ebony and graphite in the lounging area. It sits on a well-manicured plot of land whose amenities are fit for the celebrity lifestyle she leads. Among the amenities, you will find are two kitchens, one of which is in the main house while the other is in a glass bunker. The glass bunker is complete with everything one would need to live off separately from the main house; therefore has a yoga studio bedroom and space for entertaining guests.

There is also a pool house beside the swimming pool in the backyard giving Carlino more than enough room for guests who want a sleepover. Those who prefer the ultimate luxurious experience will enjoy the inset spa adjoining the pool house. Carlino is one person who knows how to enjoy her life; therefore ensured that the house she bought had a rooftop deck, maybe for star gazing at night or sunbathing during summer. It also has a westward sunset view and a full kitchen to host her guests on the rooftop. Her intimate moment with her spouse is enhanced by a private balcony, a fireplace, and dual marble baths. Spending time inside the house is also not going to be so bad, given the large living room and a spectacular kitchen.

Carlino’s Other Homes

Some homes take longer to sell than others because potential buyers do not recognize their worth, not Carlino. According to Observer, she spotted a diamond in the rough that was in the form of apartments at 995 Fifth Avenue. The apartments remained unsold for almost two years running from November 2005 until April 2007. The low ceilings put off prospective buyers, but when in April 2007, two model apartments opened up, Carlino was there to grab one for herself. The apartments had taller ceilings thanks to renovation by two designers, and Carlino became the first buyer of the apartments, thus helping to “lift the curse.” She paid $11.97 million for the apartment, a wise decision to grab it before demand went up because the other buyers had to part with $13 million. The biggest apartment, a five-bedroom penthouse, was listed for $47.5 million.

Of course, by this time, Carlino had loads of money since she had just sold her company to the Carlyle Group for reportedly $475 million; therefore, money was not an object. In 2010, Carlino entered a deal with Coty Inc. to acquire Philosophy Inc.; the lucrative arrangement was valued at $1 billion, meaning the enterprising woman had more than enough cash to spend. Still, she appears to be very careful about how she invests her money. Besides this recent Brentwood home, the other homes that Carlino has snagged over the past few years are a mansion in Paradise Valley in Arizona and a home in the Hamptons. However, as the seemingly shrewd businesswoman that she is, Carlino sold the Hamptons estate for$23.5 million in September 2020, money she maybe has used to buy the $22.1 million mansion.

It Was Listed for $33 Million

According to Fancy Pants Homes, there is more to the house than other sources have detailed. For instance, each room has a unique personality and style, thanks to interior designer Windsor Smith. She designed the entire home that comprises eight bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. Besides the two kitchens and other amenities mentioned, the house also has a movie theater, while the lounge has a bar area and banquette seating. Also, the one-bedroom pavilion has a home theater. Therefore, it is no wonder that with such exquisite taste, when the home entered the market, the event was marked with a star-studded party that had A-listers on the guest list. It made sense that the house was put on sale for $33 million. Details regarding how the price went down by over $10 million are not disclosed, but we have to agree it is worth every dollar. Besides, it seems that the price is within the current going rate for mansions in Brentwood. After all, in 2017, LeBron James paid $23 million for his 15,580-square-foot 8-bedroom home in Brentwood; $2 million more than he had forked out two years before when buying a house still in the same neighborhood.

More Regarding the Real Estate Developer of Cristina’s Property

Tom Gores developed the property on which Carlino’s house is located. Gores is a multi-billionaire entrepreneur who made money through private equity investment. According to Variety, Gores first property in Los Angeles was in 1997 when he and his wife bought a five-bedroom, six-bathroom house for $1.45 million. In 2002, they sold the house for a profit of $425,000. This must have given the couple enough courage to venture into real estate. He bought a vacant lot, which he turned into a playground, and it went on the market for $1,995,000. Although Gores and his family have set the pace for the real estate industry in Los Angeles, he still does not mind promoting other developers. For instance, in 2016, he bought a property in Los Angeles worth $100 million, and he continues to purchase whatever real estate he knows will earn him a profit in the future.

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