Check Out Jenny Craig’s $40 Million Mansion in Del Mar, CA

Jenny Craig has been a household name in the weight loss industry since the 80s. The weight loss guru has touched and changed so many lives for the better, and she’s made quite a fortune out of it as well. Craig has a current net worth of about $300 million, so it comes to no surprise that she lives comfortably in a mansion that’s worth $39.5 million. The entrepreneur put her mansion up for sale on the market about five years ago, but it seems the right buyer still hasn’t come around. Craig recently had to slim down the sale price of the mansion to $27.9 million in hopes to finally sell the place. The 86-year old businesswoman bought the Del Mar mansion back in 1986 for $3.25 million. The difference in price then to now is simply astounding. The Craig’s were looking to make a significant amount of profit with the sale of this property. It’s also probably one of the reasons why they could afford to cut the price by over $10 million.

Del Mar is a beach city located in San Diego, California. It’s home to some incredible beach views and equally incredible beach homes that are all priced in the millions. Del Mar sits between La Jolla and Solana Beach. Craig’s mansion was built in 1980, and it still has much of an 80s vibe to it. The mansion was built like a compound that wraps around a central courtyard. The 7,625 square feet residence sits on just under an acre of land. Craig’s mansion has a two-storey floor plan, which houses all 5 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms. It’s an incredibly spacious residence that looks more like an apartment from the outside more than anything. The 80s vibe starts on the exterior with the tan-colored walls. This vibe carries through to some of the house’s interior parts, but it definitely does not have a beach vibe. Apart from the 5 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms, Craig’s mansion also has a formal living room, a dining room, family room, media room, bonus room, a wine cellar, three modern kitchens, and a breakfast nook. Having two bonus kitchens might be a deal maker for some or a deal breaker for others. However, it’s not surprising that the nutrition expert had three kitchens in her home. With modern appliances and amenities, having the three kitchens is ultimately a chef’s dream.

There are many other great features in this home. The first would be the central courtyard. This is where you’ll find the pool and the spa. The second floor balcony also overlooks the open courtyard area. On the back part of the property is where you’ll find the oceanside terrace completely equipped with relaxing lounge chairs and umbrellas. This area overlooks the Pacific Ocean with full horizon views. This is where you’ll also see the 81 feet of beach property that comes along with the purchase of the mansion. If you’re looking for a beach property, you can’t get any more beach than what the Craig mansion offers. There’s an attached parking garage for four cars, but there’s also a dedicated parking space for up to 20 guests.

Back inside the house, you’ll find a large master bedroom complete with extensive closet spaces and a sauna. The master bedroom overlooks the ocean through floor to ceiling windows. The interior of the house, much like the exterior, is clearly outdated. Much of the furnishings as well as other interior details have to be overlooked in order to really see the good bones of the house. However, with almost 8,000 square feet of space that will probably need to be ripped out, the asking price was still relatively high in consideration. Another downside to the property is the overcrowding on either side. There are other beach properties that are almost at a zero lot line on each side of the mansion. To have that much square footage and have houses right on top of yours is almost unacceptable at that price point.

However, Craig can now move on to better things. The house was listed under Sotheby’s until it sold in August 2020 for $22 million. Jenny Craig may be a nutrition guru and a brilliant entrepreneur, but it seems as if she’s also a solid property investor. She has acquired and sold a few properties in the last few years alone. The beach house wasn’t the only mansion that Jenny Craig owned. She once had a $9 million mansion in Rancho, Santa Fe, which she sold to her daughter for $6 million. The $3 million family discount is a huge deal for the 3.4 acre property. In 2014, Craig also sold her 229-acre estate, Rancho Paseana, to Bill Gates for a whopping $18 million. Craig used that property as a horse ranch when she owned it.

No one can be sure whether Jenny Craig is starting to liquidate all her properties, but we do know that she also has another property in the Del Mar Country Club. This property is a stark contrast to her former beach home. Craig’s country club home is outfitted with French country décor and interior details. The mansion has a stunning blue kitchen that’s more reflective of Craig’s style and personality. Every single room in this home has a luxurious feel to it, and the French provincial living room is probably the best room in the house. There are no further reports as to whether Craig is looking to sell this property as well. But if she does, we imagine her country club home will get snagged up much faster than her beach house did.

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