Check Out Robert De Niro’s Malibu Home from “Heat”

When creating any television series or film, there is a lot of work put into finding the perfect locations. These can be anything from a beach known for its rugged cliffs or sunsets to an office building that acts as the workplace of a character. Often, the home of the main character is where a lot of the storyline takes place. Therefore, the location finders need to find properties that reflect not only the area in which the film is set but also the personality and financial status of the character. One film that attracted a lot of attention for its locations was the 1995 crime drama film Heat. The film starred Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Val Kilmer, Jon Voight, Tom Sizemore, Diane Venora, Amy Brenneman, Ashley Judd, and many more. In the film, Robert De Niro played the role of Neil McCauley.

The film became known for its use of both beautiful and interesting locations. According to Then and Now Movie Locations, some of these include City of Industry, Burbank, Long Beach, Lawndale, Downey, Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, Wilmington, Santa Monica, Whitter, and Redondo Beach. Despite a lot of the locations from this film receiving press coverage, one of the locations that did not seem to get as much coverage is the home of De Niro’s character Neil. Neil’s property is only shown in a handful of scenes in ‘Heat,’ which is why it has garnered less attention than some of the other locations in the film. However, it is so stunning that you would expect it to have received at least a little attention. So, let’s give this location the credit it is due and look at the beautiful property in Malibu.

An Overview of the Malibu Residence

The two-story waterfront property is in Malibu, California. It was designed by architect Ron Goldman, and construction was complete in 1982. It is an extensive residence that measures 3,502-square-feet internally, and it boasts four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The property has a contemporary style, and there are excellent views across the Pacific Ocean from both inside and outside the house. It is estimated that the property is currently worth $9 million.

Inside the Stunning Malibu Property from ‘Heat

The interior of the Malibu residence measures 3,502-square-feet. According to, a feature that appears throughout the house is floor-to-ceiling windows. Not only do they flood the house with light, but they also offer spectacular views across the Pacific Ocean. An impressive foyer is the first room you will come to on entering the house, and it sets the standard for the rest of the property. It is a light and airy space with a double-height, sloped glass ceiling. In addition to the glass ceilings, there are some other interesting architectural and decorative features. These include curved walls, a staggered wooden staircase with glass panels leading to a glass-paneled balcony on the upper level, light wood flooring, and in-built shelving into the walls.

There is also built-in shelving in the main living room, which the homeowner has chosen to use to add decorative pops of color in contrast to the stark white of the walls. One section of the living room has skylights, and there are floor-to-ceiling windows, so the room is a light and bright space. A second sitting area features light wood flooring, colorful furniture, white walls, recessed lighting, and a fireplace. Full-height sliding glass doors open out on the decked balcony. While the doors are open, it feels like the indoor and outdoor spaces are one shared space. The dining room also has full-height sliding doors that lead out onto the balcony. In the dining, there is an eight-seater dining suite with contemporary pendant lights hanging above the table. Modern art features on the wall, and there is open shelving dividing the dining room from the kitchen.

Just like the rest of the room in the house, the kitchen is painted a stark white, and pops of color are added by bowls positioned in the in-built shelving. Part of the kitchen has a low ceiling with recessed lighting, and the other half has a double-height ceiling with skylights. The kitchen has white cabinetry, gray granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances. Although there are four bedrooms in this property, the largest and most impressive is the master suite. Not only does this have an ensuite bathroom, but it also has its own office and a separate sitting room.

The Exterior of the House

This ‘Heat’ location sits on a plot of just 0.15 acres, but the outdoor space is beautifully designed to make the most of the land and the surrounding area. To the front of the property, there is a small courtyard. There is also a two-car garage, so the homeowner can securely park two vehicles. To the rear of the property, there is a huge decked-out balcony with glass walls. It is divided into separate seating and dining areas, and it is partially covered, so there is the option to sit in the shade. Therefore, the homeowner can sit outside enjoying the Californian sunshine and admire uninterrupted ocean views. The balcony overhangs the sand, and there are wild beach flowers growing next to the property. There are also two smaller decks for the homeowner to enjoy. Although the outdoor space may seem small compared to some multi-million-dollar properties, there is direct access to the beach. Therefore, it is easy for those living in this Malibu property to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.

Robert De Niro’s Real-Life Homes

In real life, Robert De Niro’s primary residence is a 78-acre estate in Gardiner, New York. He also has personal property in New York City, along with multiple investment properties in Manhattan. De Niro has invested in real estate in the Tribeca district of Manhattan since 1989. He also owns properties on both the East and West Sides of Manhattan, says Wikipedia.

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