Check Out Kate Winslet’s $5.7 Million NYC Penthouse

If you have ever watched “Titanic,” then you must know the beautiful girl whose life was saved by a selfless young man who chose to freeze to death to keep her afloat. Kate Winslet played the lovely girl, and the film catapulted her into an international star. Of course, with the fame came wealth and among her indulgences are houses. She recently put up her NYC penthouse for sale, and if its features impress you, you could be the next lucky owner. Here are the amenities you will find in Kate Winslet’s penthouse; we also tell you more about her other houses.

She and Sam Bought It in 2004

Kate and ex-husband Sam Mendes met in 2001 when Sam wanted to cast her in a couple of plays he was directing. Although she knew her calendar was fully-booked, Kate agreed to the meeting, hoping to get Sam’s number. The two ran into each other again, thanks to an orchestrated meeting by Emma Thompson. They dated, although, at the time, the relationship was fodder for the British tabloids because she was yet to be divorced from Jim Threapleton. In 2003, they got married in a private ceremony with only three guests, one of whom was Kate’s daughter, Mia. In 2004 the couple bought an NYC penthouse for $4.995 million. Perhaps hoping to raise a large family, the two lovebirds opted for a 4-bedroom, 3.5 bathroom apartment. It measures 3,300 square feet and has a roof terrace that sprawls 1,700 square feet and provides a spectacular view of the city, most notably the nearby Hudson River and High Line Park. The all-white master bedroom is fit for the house’s queen and king with its two showers, his and hers sinks, large clawfoot bathtub and whitewashed oak floors.

According to Business Insider, among the many impressive features is the huge corner living room. The open-plan living arrangement gives the home an airy feeling while the large windows flood the space with natural light. The wood-burning fireplace in the living room is the focal point of the minimalist approach that the apartment takes. The open-plan kitchen in the other corner ensures that you can still talk to the guests as you prepare the meals. The kitchen is well-equipped with high-end appliances, butcher block volunteers and an island with a snack bar. If you love literature, the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves grant you more than enough space to stock up on your favorite reads.

It Has Been for Rent Since 2006

Everything worked out perfectly, with the couple splitting their free time between their Cotwolds country house and their NYC penthouse. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce, and Sam Mendes moved out, leaving Kate to stay there with her two children. Kate acquired the house from her ex-husband after he sold his interest to her for $2.15 million. However, according to AOL, perhaps unable to forget the memories made in the home, Kate decided to rent it out for $30,000. In 2017, Kate had reduced the monthly rent to $20,000 when the house became available once again for rental purposes. That was a wise decision instead of letting the house stay vacant, especially considering that it sets her back $7000 every month through tax and common charges. After almost ten years of renting it out, the actress has finally decided to part ways with the house and has put it up for sale for $5.7 million. Given the income she has been accumulating from the rent and subtracting the monthly tax charges, Kate Winslet’s penthouse has given her at least $1.8 million in revenue. With the amount she is asking for, that would put the profits obtained at around $2.6 million.

It is Her First Home to Rake in a Huge Profit

In real estate, few improvements can turn your fixer-upper into a house worth millions. Kate Winslet did not seem to grasp this decades ago when she first bought a house with her then-husband, Jim. According to Evening Standard, the couple paid £825,000 for a house they bought in 2000. It was referred to as “The Pump House” because it had been built in 1860 to serve as a pumping station. It comprised three bedrooms distributed on three floors. However, that was not the best investment decision considering that the house regularly flood when it rained, forcing the couple to live in Holloway, in Kate’s flat. Their divorce in 2001 prompted Kate to put the house up for sale, and in February 2002, it found a buyer willing to pay the £925,000 Kate was asking for it. While it may have seemed like a fair amount of profit from the sale, the actress would have made much more if only she had the foresight to renovate it. The next owners did some renovations hence attached an asking price of £1.5 million for the property. Among the renovations that Kate did not bother with included landscaping, redecorating, improving security and privacy.

Kate still had bought another house with her “Titanic” salary. According to Ideal Home, she bought The Pole House in Cornwall through an estate agent. In 1998, the actress paid £200,000 for the four-bedroom house with three floors. The master en-suite bedroom was upstairs while two bedrooms were downstairs, and Kate enjoyed her stay there for three years. She must have a thing for open plan living and kitchen areas because this house too had the same arrangement. Her love for natural light is also evident from the double-height windows of Kate’s first house. Since a Chinese architect designed it, he incorporated a decked terrace around the house. He also built a bridge to enable Kate to walk down the trees and garden as she appreciated the beautiful nature surrounding her home. However, this house also did not fetch her much profit; she sold it for £250,000 in 2001.

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