Check Out Val Kilmer’s $3.5 Million “Entourage” House

When an actor becomes a big name in the television and film industry, their net worth can increase significantly, and this gives them the opportunity to afford a luxurious home. Not only do actors often live in beautiful properties, but they also have many opportunities to shoot in some stunning homes during filming. That was the case for Val Kilmer when he appeared in the television series Entourage, and he was fortunate enough to spend time in a beautiful and historic property in Los Angeles.

Val Kilmer in Entourage

Val Kilmer is an actor who began his career as an actor in 1981. Although he was initially known for his appearances in comedy films, he is now more associated with action movies. Some of his films include ‘The Doors,’ ‘The Prince of Egypt,’ Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,’ ‘The Saint,’ ‘Batman Forever,’ ‘MacGruber,’ and ‘Tombstone.’ Kilmer has also appeared in many television series, including ‘Knight Rider,’ ‘Comanche Moon,’ and ‘The Spoils of Babylon.’ He also appeared in an episode of the hit television series ‘Entourage’ in 2004called ‘The Script and the Sherpa.”

Using the Historical Property in Los Angeles for Filming

The house used to film the episode of Entourage in which Val Kilmer appeared is a historic property, which are few and far between in Los Angeles. It is a hidden gem that was built in 1887 in the Queen Anne Victorian style. It was originally built for Andrew McNally, who was the co-founder of a publishing company, and the architect was Frederick Roehrig. It cost approximately $50,000 to construct. By today’s standards, this does not seem a lot of money, but it was built at a time when it cost around $1,000 to build a nice house.

It is easy to miss the beautiful historic property, which is located on East Mariposa Street in the Altadena area of the city, as it is tucked away behind shrubbery. Despite being a huge property measuring 7,437-square-feet-internally, very little of the house is seen from the street. There is just a glimpse of the property’s rear, and one of the turrets on the third-story of the house peeps out from above the shrubbery. Although many people are unaware of the house’s existence, it is known to location managers as it has been used as a location on multiple occasions. Filming has taken place with the permission of the family who owns the property, which has been in the same family’s hands since 1955. The property is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Now, the family has decided to put their spectacular home on the market, and it has a price tag of $3.495 million.

Inside the Victorian House

According to, the three-story, nine-bedroom, and six bath property have been lovingly preserved and restored by its current owners. Therefore, many of the original features of the home remain. Two of the most impressive features are the stained-glass windows that appear at various points around the house and the grand carved wooden staircase that you see as soon as you step inside the residence. Throughout the house, there are also stenciled coved ceilings. McNally, the property’s original owner, was interested in Arabesque interior design style. He first became interested in this style after attending the 1893 World’s Columbian Expedition in Chicago. McNally attended the event while he was the commissioner for the exposition. When the fair closed, McNally bought many of the furnishings for his home.

His passion for the Arabesque style is apparent in the ornate decoration and furnishings in the property’s grand hall, also known as the smoking room. This room is a later addition to the house that was added in 1894 when McNally asked Roehrig, the house’s architect, to return and design the addition. The grand hall, which sits at the southeastern end of the residence, has a conical roof that measures 24-feet in diameter, the interior of which boasts an octagonal, canopied ceiling with elaborate and colorful designs. While the elaborate, domed ceiling is probably the most spectacular part of this room, it is not the only noteworthy feature. There are diamond-shaped glass windows that boast carved finials, and there are also elaborate screens around the room.

The walls of the grand hall have retained their original designs, which include Turkish designs and elaborate murals. Pink and gold are the predominant colors in the room, although there are many shades on the wall designs and the room’s soft furnishings. Although this is the most ostentatious room in the house, the rest of the property is equally impressive. There is dark wood paneling to many of the walls throughout the property, and the dark wood theme continues with in-built storage units and display cabinets.

The Exterior of the Property

Once you have made your way through the shrubbery surrounding the property, there is a lawned area then a paved pathway leading to the house. There are then steps leading to a covered porch and the front door of the shingled property. Although the house once sat on 15-acres, much of the land surrounding it was subdivided and sold to develop more houses. It now sits on a plot of 0.79-acres surrounded by shrubbery and mature trees, including palm, citrus, and cedar trees. Within the grounds, there is a carriage house, a four-car garage, and an aviary.

The Sale of the Property

The stunning Queen Anne Victorian house’s sellers have said that any potential buyers have a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase the property. The size and location contribute to the price tag of $3.495 million. However, the elaborate and unique original features of this residence make it stand out from surrounding properties. There are no other properties like this in the neighborhood, so it is ideal for someone who wants something a little different.

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