Check Out Jared Leto’s Former Military Compound Home in Los Angeles

Jared Leto is a 46 year old actor, singer, songwriter, and director that got his first break in acting when he took on the role of Jordan Catalano in the hit television series, My So-Called Life, in the early 1990’s. His first movie appearance was in the 1995 film, How to Make an American Quilt, which boosted his career and sent him on his way to many other roles and outstanding performances. Leto is known to take his acting career, and each role seriously. So serious, in-fact, that he often remains in his character role through the entire duration of the filming, which has been known to put his health at risk at times. Jared Leto has the eye of an artist, always looking at things differently than many others, including one of his homes, which just happens to be an ex-military compound that features eight bedrooms and twelve bathrooms. This unique home was built in the 1940’s and was used as a military film studio up until about 70 years ago when it was transformed into the sprawling homestead it is today. Leto bought the former military compound for $5 million and had it decorated to his own unique style and taste. Check Out Jared Leto’s former military compound home in Los Angeles

To look at the structure, you probably wouldn’t imagine that this was a home, but it is, and it has all the creature comforts of any upscale home in the area. The structure of the outside looks very military, or at the very least, on the commercial side, right down to parking lot drive, large lamp post, and the old style phone booth that sits at the corner of the entrance.

Leto created a loft home office above the sound stage where he gets a bird’s eye view of his gallery and and the happenings below, especially because the loft is encased with glass paneled railings to open up the view even more. The loft includes a large area rug to help warm the space and give it a bit of style.

Just outside a garage structure that functions as a sound studio sits a large open patio with beautiful brown tiles that flow with the style of the home. An outdoor table and chairs in the middle of the patio allows for relaxing while enjoying a meal, a cocktail, or cup of coffee while on a break from rehearsing. It’s the perfect place to soak up the rays of the sun, or relax under a starry sky at night with all the privacy you could ask for.

Brown and white tiles int he home’s great room enhance the look of the wood beams above. In the sitting area, long red drapes make a bold statement over the military style windows, and the tiles take on a different pattern on the steps that lead up to a dining area surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows that give you spectacular views of the landscape outside.

One thing any actor and musician would need for his craft, is to be able to practice and perform his acts when away from work which is exactly what this large garage-type structure is used for. This large open space with concrete flooring doubles as an open stage for practicing music and performing acts, as well as a gallery for his large art collection.

The elongated kitchen is completely updated with white stainless steel appliances and range hood to give it a modern touch. Triple sinks give you plenty of dish washing space, and if natural light is what you like when you’re preparing meals and dining, this kitchen offers plenty of it, along with a view through the window by the dining table.

The master bedroom was decorated in neutral tones with blue accents for a masculine look and feel. The sliding doors and large window make the room open and airy, and help to bring some of the beautiful outdoors inside. Modern wall art and a contemporary style dresser give the room a fresh, updated appeal.

If you’re thinking this bathroom looks a little retro, that’s because it is. The color scheme and tile combo are straight out of the retro era with aqua marine fixtures and a chocolate-colored tile that boasts a bold pattern. The layout of the bathroom is unique itself, leaving the imagination to see and feel the presence of a military background throughout the space.

The formal living room is lengthy in shape which makes it easy to fit a long sofa along the wall lined with windows. The pale green sofa is complimented by dark green patterned ottomans and large area rug. Large black and white diamond tiles span across the formal living room and into other adjacent living spaces.

The gorgeous pool behind the home is surrounded by nature and natural elements, like the stone border and greenery that grows in abundance around the pool. A larger patio sits at one end of the pool with other lounge chairs set up along the stone patio. Military style windows run the length of the back of the home making you aware that you’d be able to take in this beautiful view from multiple rooms in the home. It’s hard to imagine not feeling totally relaxed and in tune with nature when swimming or sitting by the pool at Leto’s home.


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