The Gorgeous Home of Scandal Star Katie Lowes

Katie Lowes, the American actress best known for her roles in Scandal and Wreck-it Ralph, lives in Los Angeles with her husband, actor, Adam Shapiro. The two have one son together, Albee, who will be a year old in October. The two met on the set of Scandal when Shapiro had the role of playing Lowes’ boyfriend. Together, the two own a gorgeous home in Los Angeles, and it is a home that she had not fallen in love with, by any means. As a matter-of-fact, Lowes admits that she hated the home. She even cried the night before the couple moved into to the home. Katie and her husband had a very cool home in Hollywood Hills, however, it was not exactly a home that they felt was well-suited for a newborn, which was on the way. They did like the location and outside of the 1937’s home, but the inside had a lot to be desired. The couple decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it. In the end, the home is a beautiful masterpiece, combined with both comfortable and stylish decor themes. Here is a peek inside Katie Lowes’ Los Angeles home.

In the music room, a beautiful piano designates the focal point of the room, while more musical instruments are displayed on the walls along with plenty of artwork, and a guitar sits in the corner just below a hanging ukulele above. It’s the perfect room for gathering with friends and family, and doing a little entertaining to liven up the evening. Wonder who has the music gene in this family?

Lowes’ chose a couch that was stylish yet durable for her living room. She says it is the perfect combination of looking good and being able to withstand her spontaneous dance sessions. It is paired with striped throw pillows, a magenta throw, and a striped area rug on which sits a round glass coffee table. The L-shaped sofa creates a cozy corner for relaxing with a good book, watching a favorite show, or hanging with your favorite actor husband.

The formal living room is framed on either side with a fireplace and French doors that lead out to beautiful patios. The formal living area, Lowes wanted to create a natural look, which she accomplished by using natural materials such as burl wood, brass and velvet. In this way, she could keep the flow of the nature of the home’s original existence, but to give it a modern twist, she also incorporated modern shapes and traditional materials.

Kate’s husband’s childhood rocking chair was refinished into a vintage style design known to Costa Rico to add a bit of charm to it, and to the room it would sit. It is a perfect addition to this fireplace setting and it is said that the rocker really is only used on special occasions.

The informal dining area was created with the idea of frequent bouts of entertainment in mind. The couple love to host friends and family and they would need a table big enough to accompany lots of guests, which this beautifully designed table does just that. It was custom made by Manny Mukora of the House of Inudstry and the wood pedestal is from Nathan Turner. Cement pine cone sculptures sit on the mantle and add to the natural look and feel of the room.

The formal living room is a combination of woods and is accented with a brass serving cart and artwork from past and present. Lowes admits that she couldn’t always see what the designer had in mind for each room and had to learn to go with the vision they were seeing. In the end, after the final touches were made, she was able to see why the designer thought the ideas would work for her rooms and her home.

With new addition coming soon this year, a baby boy who they will name Albee, Lowes chose a boyish theme for the room, an ocean-style theme that depicts different types of whales, from the Blue whale to several others. The woods she chose for the furnishings are all eco-friendly and the colors are warm, soft, and fit for a boy.

To look at the rooms and gorgeous decor in Katie Lowes’ home, you would never know that she spent the night before moving in, in tears. The home looks like it was loved and adored from the moment her and her husband purchased it. She says that even though she cried, in her gut, she really knew that this was her house.

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