Neha Kapur and Kunal Nayyar’s Gorgeous Los Angeles Home

Kunal Nayyar is a hugely successful actor who is best known for playing Rajesh Koothrappali in the hit comedy series ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Although he was born in London, England, he has lived in Los Angeles for many years. In 2011, he married former Miss India winner Neha Kapur. Prior to their marriage, the couple had enjoyed a long distance relationship but had agreed that Kapur would move from her home in New Delhi to Los Angeles to reside with her husband following their marriage.

In the year leading up to their wedding, the couple viewed many stunning properties in the Los Angeles area. It was just a month before their seven-day wedding ceremony, which took place in India, that the couple finally found the home of their dreams. It was an expansive Spanish-style Hacienda with Baroque style features. While Nayyar had difficulty imagining how they could transform the space, he trusted his wife’s instincts.

Kapur clearly has a creative streak as she is the designer behind Hensley, a designer fashion line. She had the ability to visualize what they could do with the 5,000 square foot hacienda and the surrounding grounds, which are as close to a jungle as you are ever likely to see in Los Angeles. There were two particular features that had attracted her to the property. The first was the façade of the property, which is a unique shade of pink. The second was the unusual triangular shape of the property, which she says is good luck in Indian culture.

Although the couple wanted to put their own stamp on the property and get fully involved in the transformation, they realized they needed professional help to achieve their dream home. They hired Lory and Mats Johansson of the interior design company Just Joh. The professionals kept some of the best features of the house, such as its structure and some of the chandeliers. However, they transformed the former chintz-filled house into a bright and airy space. They started with a white palette and then gradually began introducing different colors to the rooms so that their personalities were reflected in their home.

Nayyar and Kunal had a concept that they wanted to be reflected in the design. The look they were going for was one that allowed the indoors and outdoors to flow together. The walled garden is filled with trees, stone statues, and water features. One of the highlights of the garden is the pool by which Nayyar has a man cave. Go into the entrance hallway of the property and you do not feel as though you have stepped inside as it is so light and airy. At the center of the room, a stone Buddha sits at a water feature which is surrounded by large potted plants.

The large sitting room has retained some of its traditional features but has been modernized with the use of neutral colors. The large L-shaped sofa is one of the main features of the room and there is additional seating by the window. The sitting room is only partially divided from the kitchen by a breakfast bar with bar stools and this gives the living area of the property a spacious and airy feel. The area is accessorized with chandeliers and artwork on the wall, which varies from ink drawings to large, colorful, abstract designs. The personalities and interests of this couple are also evident in the living area, which features a large piano along with several other musical instruments and bookshelves lined with their favorite books.

Their bedroom has an unusual appearance due to its sloped ceiling but retains a feeling of airiness thanks to the three pairs of glass doors that flood the room with light and are draped with a soft and light fabric. Again, the couple has opted for a neutral color scheme in this room. One of the most notable features in the room is the canopy above the couple’s bed.

Now that the couple has achieved the look and feel of their property that they had wanted, they are very proud of their marital home. They have said that they have no intention of moving any time soon and plan to spend a happy marriage there for many years to come.

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