20 Grand Foyer Entrances That Are Unbelievable

Foyer is a term that is used to describe the room that connects to the other rooms in your home and should set the tone for the rest of the home. It is often a room that is neglected in terms of décor and making it feel like part of the home. Foyers come in all sizes, from small entries to grand spaces that have all kinds of room for furniture decorative pieces that make it feel inviting and receptive to friends and family as they enter into your home.

Many times, the foyer is a confusing room to homeowners and they aren’t sure how to decorate the room, which means making tough decisions as to whether or not they should do anything at all. Viewing what other people have done with their foyers can help you decide on what to do with your foyer space.

Make your foyer work with your lifestyle

If you are trying to decide on how to decide on what to do with your foyer, one of the first things you should do is look at your lifestyle. What type of home have you already created in the other rooms?

The practical home

Some homes are practical homes, raising families, pets, entertaining friends and family and 9-5 jobs. If this is your type of home, you may want to include pieces of furniture that support a busy lifestyle.

Adequate storage in a busy home is important. Think about all that your family uses on a regular basis that needs to be stored: coats, gloves, shoes, umbrellas, hats, dog leashes. Whatever you use on a daily basis should have a place. Hat and coat racks are commonly seen in foyers, along with shoe benches, umbrella stands, even hooks for purses and keys. A bench to sit on in the foyer to put your shoes on, or dress your kids in their coats, can serve two purposes; they can be decorative as well as functional.

The luxurious home

Some homes are all about show. The kids are grown, there are no pets and your home is always in pristine order. Everything about your home is now about beauty and luxury, and you want your foyer to be the first sign of your beautiful, luxurious lifestyle. Decorating a foyer to simply show your taste and style can be an easier task than choosing pieces to create a practical and functional foyer. 

Depending on the size of your foyer, some of the most common décor pieces you’ll see in one that is more for show than purposeful may include; a table, either a round, center table or wall table, flower arrangements, wall mirrors, vases, candles, chairs or small sofa, lamps, area rugs, clock, wall art and table art.

Decorating tips for small foyers

Small foyers are a bigger challenge to work with in terms of space. When it comes to decorating a small foyer, optimizing your space is important.

  • Scale your furniture – Choosing the right furniture pieces should include keeping things scaled to size. Too large of pieces and you will quickly clutter and overcrowd the area to make it seem smaller. Choose small tables, ottomans and benches to fit your space. Use smaller table lamps as opposed to large, overpowering lamps that eat up visual space.
  • Lighting – Lighting is another feature that can add visual space. Dark, dingy foyers seem to close-in your foyer and make it seem smaller. Natural light is the best type of light for opening up the foyer and making it seem bigger and more spacious. If there is no natural lighting, overhead lighting along with wall sconces or small table lamps will help to brighten your foyer. Sconces can serve two purposes, they are functional for lighting, as well as they can serve as beautiful wall deco pieces.
  • Decorative pieces – Like the furniture, decorative pieces should be scaled to the size of the room and space. Large pictures on small wall space can visually shrink your room; try small, stacked art pieces or pictures on the wall or other small wall hanging deco pieces. A vase with tall twigs or tall flowers can help add height to a round, or wall table.
  • Flooring – The type and color of flooring can shrink your foyer. Dark woods and tiles can visually shrink the square footage of your entryway. By changing your flooring to a lighter, brighter flooring choice will give your foyer more visual appeal and visually open your floor space to make your foyer seem bigger than it really is.
  • Wall colors – Dark colors are another way of visually shrinking the size of your foyer. Choosing light or neutral colors for your entryway will make it feel larger and more spacious.

Not all foyers are small entrances to a home. Some foyers are grand foyers that are their own room in itself. These can be equally as challenging to decorate as a small entryway, however, most people find there are more options than challenges when it comes to making a grand foyer, grand. Many times it is just a matter of getting the perfect decorating idea or theme for a large, or grand foyer that is the biggest challenge.

If you need ideas on how to decorate your grand foyer, there are plenty of pictures of beautiful foyers that would impress anyone. You can turn your grand foyer into a beautiful entryway that welcomes your guests with style. Here are 20 grand foyer entrances that are unbelievable.

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