20 of the Most Unbelievable Attic Living Spaces

Most attics are used for storage for unused furniture and odds and ins, and often, the space isn’t used for anything and sits empty. You may have thought that if you just cleaned it out and cleaned it up, you could turn that unused space into extra useable living space. There are all kinds of options for turning your attic into a useable living area, whether it be for an extra sitting room, an office, a bedroom or TV room.

Anything is possible when you have the right ideas and put a little effort into it. Whether your attic space is big or small, you can make that space work for you and add some square footage to your living quarters. If you need some ideas on how to turn your attic into an unbelievable attic living space, keep reading to see what you can do with your attic.

What type of room to choose

Your first detail is to determine what type of living space you want to convert your attic into. Are you lacking bedroom space on the main level f your home? Maybe you’ve always dreamt of having your own craft room or office space. You will want to think about how you think the attic will best benefit your lifestyle and needs.

You can also study the layout of the attic to help you decide what you think it would best function as. If it is a very small attic, a craft room or small home office might be the best space conversion. Once you determine the type of room you want to transition your attic into, you can determine how to lay it out to get the most out of the space.

Use the details in your attics design

All attics are different in how they are constructed. You may look at your attic and think that you can’t work with how the ceilings are set, or the low lighting due to small windows and natural light. Maybe the ceiling is set an angle or has exposed beams that run across. Use the construction and details of the attic room to help dictate how you will design your room. Don’t view the imperfections of lack of a 4, straight-walled room or angled ceiling detour you from creating a beautiful room. Look at the differences in the layout and design of the attic as details that will make the room unique and stylish. Work with the differences by choosing pieces of furniture and décor that accentuate the space.

Get it prepared for the transition

Many times, attics do not have central heat and air that gets to the attic. Maybe there are electrical changes that need to be made to make the attic functional. Get your attic ready to become a part of the living quarters by making the necessary constructional changes or upgrades that may be required according to building code. If there is little to no natural light due to lack of windows, adding a window or two may be necessary. You may also need to drywall the space or add flooring. Consulting with a home contractor may be necessary to make sure the room is ready for a makeover.

Choosing your theme

Once you’ve determined the type of room you want for your attic, you can start to plan out the theme of the room. You can decide on a color pallet for your attic space by looking at your room’s architectural dynamics as well as its size. A small, darker room without limited natural light will benefit from light, airy colors to open up the space and make it look and feel larger, while dark color coordinates can make the space seem smaller and less welcoming. 

Light blues and greens, yellows and natural tones are good color choices for small rooms, or low light spaces. Having a color pallet to work with will also help you with choosing furniture pieces for the room. In a large attic space, you can give the room a cozy appeal by painting the ceiling a different color than the walls is a way to bring the space together. For small attic rooms, paint the ceiling the same color as the walls to create the illusion of a bigger room.

Choose your furniture

The furniture pieces you choose for your attic can make or break the space, so make sure you choose pieces that make the most out of the room’s layout and useable square footage since the purpose is to make it a useable and functional living space. Because the layout of the attic’s walls and floor space may differ from the main living quarter rooms, measuring spaces is important when it comes to choosing furniture. Measuring lets you know if each piece will fit the way you want, better than eyeballing the room and making a simple guess.

Add your décor accent pieces carefully

When adding accent pieces, consider the amount of ceiling, wall and floor space. You do not want to clutter the added room up with too many accent pieces and make the room feel cramped, overcrowded or claustrophobic. Choose pieces that will work with the room’s color and size to accentuate the architecture, design and color. Limit what you hang on the walls of a small attic room and keep the size of the wall hangings small to prevent eating up the limited wall space. Try stacking a couple small paintings on a wall or hang a decorative sconce to get a bit of décor plus added lighting for functionality.

Use décor pieces that add a burst of color to give the room some “pop.” If you have chosen a light yellow for the walls, adding some colorful throw pillows on the bed or sofa can brighten the space. If the ceilings are slightly low, the use of a tall floor lamp or two can help to draw the eyes up and give the illusion of a higher ceilings. Sometimes the use of mirrors in a decorative fashion can help give the illusion of a bigger room.

For more ideas on creating an awesome attic room, here are 20 of the most amazing attic living spaces to help you create your own amazing attic room.

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