10 Foreign Country Interior Design Styles Trending in 2019

When deciding on an interior décor theme, people take inspiration from many sources. Some possible sources of inspiration include particular eras, personal memories, celebrity homes, and nature. Another source of inspiration is countries across the globe. Each country is associated with different interior design themes, colors, and patterns. Even if someone has never visited that country, they may find their interior design themes inspirational. Here are 10 foreign country interior design themes that are trending now.

1. French Country

In the past, there was a trend to follow the French chic style. However, the current trend is inspired by living in the French countryside, and this has a more homely feel that reflects life in a French farmhouse. According to Rochele Decorating, this theme has a Bohemian style that represents a carefree and relaxed lifestyle. It is far more informal than many other current trends. Light earth colors are often used on the walls, or the stone and brickwork are left exposed. Deep, warm colors are used for the accessories, and velvet is a good choice of textile as this has texture. Vintage furniture is an important part of this look, and matching pieces of furniture is not necessary as individual pieces create an eclectic vibe. A wood or stone floor with a patterned rug is the ideal choices for this interior décor theme.

2. Cool Scandinavian

Scandinavian designs are one of the most popular interior design options now because people love the paired back and understated look, says Ideal Home. The stylish and sophisticated look of Scandinavian interiors has been a popular trend for some time now, and it looks set to stay. The aim when creating a Scandinavian theme is to create a space that works as a relaxing retreat. Light, space, and an element of minimalism are also important to this theme. To create this look, you will need to use a palate of neutral colors, such as natural buff, pale grays, cream, and canvas white. Your choice of furniture and accessories are also important to get the look right. Ash, pine, or bleached wood furniture is ideal for Scandinavian rooms, although wicker is another option. Use wool or sheepskin soft furnishings and accessories to add warmth to the cool colors of the room. Also, layering different textiles will add depth to the neutral color scheme.

3. Brazilian Jungle

The Amazon Jungle is one of the most stunning places on Earth and features a diverse range of landscapes, flora, and wildlife. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that this jungle in Brazil is the inspiration for many interior design styles. Getting back to nature is the overriding them if you want to create this theme in your home. Shades of green should play an important role in your choice of color scheme due to the abundance of almost every shade of green in the Amazon. However, this is not your only color options as the Amazon Jungle is also filled with brightly colored flowers and birds. Add these touches of color with bold botanical prints, either on a feature wall or on the soft furnishings. Focus on natural woods when adding accessories and furniture to a room with an Amazon Jungle style. This is one of the trending themes that you can have a little fun with and take it in various directions.

4. Warm Moroccan

While some people prefer to design their homes with space, light, and minimalism in mind, other prefer to create rooms with greater use of color and texture that have a warm, welcoming, and homely feel. If you want to create a room with a Moroccan vibe, you should create a mixed palate of colors rather than opt for just one color for your room. Use jewel colors, such as rich red, deep purple, burnt orange, and gold. Bright blues and deep greens can add interesting contrast and represent the Sea and the landscape, says Don Pedro Brooklyn. If you are starting the room from scratch, you can take your design ideas further than simply repainting the walls. Try adding arched features or creating a stained-glass effect on the windows. Textiles are important if you want to get the Moroccan look right. Intricate and colorful woven wall hangings are an interesting feature to add, while patterned throws and cushions add texture and depth to the room. A traditional Moroccan rug will complete the look.

5. Thai Tropics

Tropical countries are those that are close to the Equator and have a tropical environment. One of these countries is Thailand. Sunshine, the Pacific Ocean, palm trees, and nature are all things that are associated with this part of the world. This look is predominantly about the prints, so the walls are often in light and neutral colors so that the prints stand out. Botanical themes are the best option when choosing your prints as palm leaves and brightly colored flowers perfectly reflect nature in tropical countries. You will find wallpaper with prints to use on a feature wall and also bedding, curtains, cushions, and throws featuring palm prints in shades of green or splashes of colors from tropical flowers. There are several directions that you can go with this theme. For example, one angle is to keep the look simple using a combination of neutral colors and palm prints in shades of green. On the other hand, you may prefer a bolder look using lots of bright greens, pinks, and blues to reflect the vibrancy of tropical countries. Adding large potted plants and miniature trees to the room will also add splashes of green around the room and this is in keeping with the botanical theme.

6. Peruvian Patterns

Rooms with a Peruvian theme are inspired by the culture and traditions of the Incans and by the beauty of the ancient city of Machu Picchu in the Andes mountain range. This theme has become a part of a wide interior design theme known as the globetrotter style, which is a celebration of different cultures from around the world. A Peruvian theme is great for people who want a room that stimulates the senses as bold colors, textures, and patterns are important elements of the Peruvian style, says Kasa Global Interiors. Rich colors such as terracotta, spiced red, and umber are examples of tones to use for this theme. Your choice of textiles is also important to create the look perfectly. Rope and woven textiles with block prints are ideal. While many interior décor styles require very few accessories and abide by the principle of ‘less is more’, the opposite is true of the Peruvian theme. For this look, accessories are important. Adding Bohemian-style pottery to a room is a good way to add detail, while wall art will add interesting focal points.

7. Traditional English

A style that is often referred to as traditional interior design is rooted in the traditional design principles of interior and furniture design in Britain during the 19th and 20th centuries, says LuxDeco. The furniture is probably the most notable feature in rooms that adopt this style. Choose freestanding furniture made from darker woods, such as oak, mahogany, and rosewood. In almost any room, you can add side tables, coffee, tables, or nests of tables. Leather furniture and furniture with upholstery featuring traditional patterns are also used along with the wooden furniture. To add an element of lightness in contrast with the dark theme of the furniture, lighter colors are often used on the walls. Exposed floorboards topped with a traditional rug are typical of this style. In the living area, a fireplace is usually the main focal point of the room. It should have a large wooden surround if you are staying true to the style. To emphasize this focal point, hang a painting or mirror directly above the fireplace. A painting is a good talking point, while a mirror will ass light and an impression of space to the room. One-tone cushions that complement your chosen color scheme are a nice touch.

8. The Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands inspire thoughts of sitting wrapped in a tartan blanket, snuggled in front of an open log fire while drinking a dram of whiskey. The Scottish Highlands look is one that you would associate with warmth, welcome, and comfort. The main feature of the Scottish Highlands theme is the use of tartan, both for feature wallpaper and for soft furnishings and accessories. Although red and black tartan is possibly the first image that you imagine, you are certainly not limited to choosing these colors for your interior décor. Tartan comes in all shades, so you may prefer to choose bold blues, pastel lilacs, or warming grays. Therefore, you can take the Highlands theme in any direction you wish. It is also worth noting that tartan is not your only pattern choice, paisley prints or prints featuring thistles are just two of the alternatives you could consider. Another textile option is faux fur, as this will add warmth and texture to the room. The Highlands look also has a rustic feel to it, so adding throws and wooden furniture is important. Exposed stone walls or brickwork also look great if it is possible for you to do this in your home. Another idea is to take inspiration from the Scottish wildlife, says Mairi Helena. For example, you could add a print or cushion featuring a stag.

9. Caribbean Colors

When you think of the Caribbean islands, golden sandy beaches, glistening blue water, greenery, and sunshine spring to mind. Therefore, choosing a Caribbean theme for your interior décor is an opportunity to use lots of bright and fun colors, such as greens, blues, and yellows. To create a Caribbean inspired room, white is the best option for the walls as this gives the room a bright and spacious feel. It also means the splashes of color that you add to the room will really pop. If you do choose a color for a feature wall, opt for a bright color that zings, such as bright turquoise or a sunny shade of yellow. Textiles with prints are perfect for this theme, and examples of prints that represent the Caribbean vibe well are botanicals or exotic fruits. When you are choosing furniture for your Caribbean room, opt for either rustic wooden pieces or furniture that is painted in bright colors. Another great touch is white voile curtains in the window that will allow you to keep some privacy even when you have the windows open to let the breeze flow through while you imagine you are on a beach in the Caribbean.

10. Australian Coastal

Coastal themes come in many forms and have been a popular option for interior design for decades. In the past, blue and white strips, boat-themed accessories, and driftwood features have all been used in design to reflect the coast. Now one of the most popular coastal themes is inspired by the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. Colors are used to reflect the ocean, while other aspects of design are inspired by coastal living. Various shades of blue are the feature colors used to create an Australian coastal theme, says Ideal Home. These include ocean blues, navy, peacock, and shades of turquoise. Using different shades and ombre colors on the walls rather than a solid block of color will reflect the different shades of the waves and the way the water cooler changes as you dive deeper. Use similar colors for your textiles, such as cushions, bedding, and throws. This theme is a great opportunity to have some fun with patterns with this theme, and you can accessorize with nice seascapes. Whitewashed floorboards and furniture also work well with this theme, and will keep your room looking bright and fresh.

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